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@JohnnyShoulder I think Persona is a great game. But with the wrong set of characters it can become a real grind. Kudos to @kyleforrester87 for giving them a go but its a real marmite game. The basic turn based fighting isnt exactly ground breaking and the actual persona collecting is a bit hit and miss and the graphics are functional at best in P4g so from that stand point its not a great game. The game is all about the over arching narrative, individual characters, style through the amazing fonts, breakaway conversations, menus and most importantly Persona throws up loads of questions like - just imagine if that was happening to you - as the games based in a modern day place with real moral and ethical questions raised.

The game requires a lot of buy in, if you do you will be rewarded. Its not for everyone though as P5 was a proper grind for me and without playing p4g first and knowing how good the story can get, would have quit halfway.

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P4G seemed more a game about discovering who you really are at your core. Your true self. And finding others true self. P5 (although I’m not finished with it yet) is less about that. The whole ‘stealing hearts’ idea is good, but it’s more about the dungeons showing the antagonists personalities, rather than the protagonists finding themselves and coming together to solve a mystery. Both are good, but the self discovery resonated with me a lot more. I dare say I learned quite a bit about myself and about social interaction when I played it. P5 is definitely much more polished and stylized though.
@Kidfried I vote Nier Automata for you to try next on that list though. That games oozes coolness.
My top few from the list that I have yet to play and want to experience includes also Yakuza 0, and Dark Souls, but also Witcher 3, FF6, Chrono Trigger, and MGS2 (I never really finished that one)

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