Topic: Still Playing Wii U in 2019?

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I've been completing my Wii U collection since Wii U games are so cheap now. Are any of you still playing your Wii U's in 2019? The hardware is pretty durable and as long as you don't abuse your Gamepad it really does last FAR longer than a traditional controller. Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Xenoblade Chronicles X alone are enough to make the console worth purchasing, assuming you can find a complete system for a decent price.

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I've still got one but haven't played it on probably over a year now. Especially now that most of the games I would've played have now been ported to Switch with a few added features.

I quite liked the Wii U though. Yeah, the UI was a bit naff and the gamepad feels like a toy but there's a lot of solid games there and like you said it's nice that they're dropping in price now too.

I never had a Wii (well have now but didn't at the time) so when I did get a Wii U I had a massive backlog of games I'd wanted to play for 6 or 7 years.



It’s still plugged in but I haven’t switched it on yet this year. The only game I have for the Wii U but I’ve yet to play is Pikmin 3. Since I’ve had it for years and haven’t felt like starting it yet it is probably time to admit defeat and put the Wii U away. @TowaHerschel7



I didn't even play it in 2013.

Seriously though I got a Wii U on launch day but hardly played it except for MK8 and Super Mario 3D World.

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@Tasuki That's like me with the Switch now.



The truth is that I have it a little parked, now I'm with PS4.

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yep, i was playing Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed on it yesterday as a matter of fact

and the day before i was playing Skies of Arcadia on my GameCube

i still play ALL my old systems (well apart from my XBOX's because they all stopped working)

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