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Wow so I went down to a local shopping center last night and man was it packed with people playing Pokemon Go, it didn't help that this shopping center has 4 Pokéstops and a Gym in it so I guess it became the unofficial Pokémon gathering spot for the city. I ducked into a Gamestop to browse while I was there and then employee there told me that since it came out the place has seen a huge increase of traffic there.

It's was interesting seeing people of all ages, race, male, female just sitting around talking, catching Pokémon and just hanging around in large numbers having a good time.

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I do not know anything about Pokemon but i do know its a thing. I saw some kid found a deAd body when they were playing this game seems anything can happen in pokemon go. Its strange how some games catch the imagination and then become massive hits where others which are better games just die by the wayside. The concept of Pokemon go seems good but I do not have mobile data just wifi so not sure the game can be played without a constant internet connection. Good luck to everyone and if you beat finding a dead body then kudos to you.


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@kyleforrester87: @Kidfried: Scallywag is the only Pokemon to not evolve. Unfortunately they are very common in areas such as parks, inner city and Pokemon gyms to claim their pokerchips to use in William Hill. Its easy to trap a scallywag but do so at your own risk. There's many examples of scallywag - point your Pokemon go at Old Trafford and Wayne Rooney will appear as an example.

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@dryrain: You can play with just a wi-fi connection, but you'll be limited to those places.

I managed to fix my GPS and I use it when I take a stroll around town. Not going to actively chase them, but I did walk an extra mile to see what I could find



I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Miiverse, Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush or any other viral fad. This won't be an exception.

I will be the freak that doesn't play Go, as I was the freak who played on his 3ds while most average people didn't care about Pokémon.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


@Tasuki: Onix can involve in Steelix, as soon as they're releasing the next 100 Pokémon. Congrats on your Pika!



Level 10 just from playing on the commute for a couple of days, only mobile game worth playing.

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