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So hot on the heels of PlayStation's "announcement", Xbox have finally released details of their "All Digital" Xbox One S.

I'm not totally against the idea of a disc-less console, but this is pretty bizarre timing. It's pretty much the same size as the Xbox One S, and it's even more or less the same price. In fact on Amazon, you can currently buy a standard One S for cheaper than the pre-order of this piece of garbage. Weird.

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Oh dear MS, you have dropped a clanger again. The most pointless thing ever, especially if there a will be announcing a next gen machine at E3.

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I'm the type of person that would be in the market for a discless system but the price their charging for it seems nonsensical. I honestly was expecting them to get super aggressive with the initial price and just make up for it with subs like gamepass. Releasing it at basically the same price you can get an S for now seems short sighted.



I saw this on their Live stream and as soon as this was announced, I switched off! I really do think this isn't a great idea. The one thing the S had as a 'saving' grace was the fact that it was also a 4k HDR bluray player and, when it launched, cheaper than dedicated Bluray players with the 'bonus' of playing games too.

With any luck, sales of this will be appalling and MS will opt to drop the idea in the future. At the very least, it will tell them that the 'majority' will still buy Disc based consoles and so will continue making Consoles with a DD even if they do decide to make a cheaper, discless version alongside it.

It 'almost' makes sense for a 2nd or for a child in the family to have their 'own' console. A single subscription to Game Pass (either with or without Gold) can give that child access to hundreds of games without having to buy games outright. They would get the 4 monthly games with Gold too so will build up a big library of games in no time with 'little' outlay.

With MS looking to make 'xbox' more than 'just' a console, their entire 'game' branch that is playable on multiple devices of which the console is just one of, a discless console could appeal to a mobile/tablet/PC owner, a device that plugs into a TV and allows them to access their 'Xbox' digital library. I do think we will need to stop thinking of 'xbox' as just the console moving forward as Xbox will be on multiple devices and not 'just' the console format.

For me, I will always want a disc based preferably console format device to play my Xbox games on. Others may well prefer to play Xbox on their PC or Tablet - maybe even on Phones if Windows 10 is installed on them. It doesn't matter what device you have, you just sign in to your windows 10 device and play 'xbox' on it.

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