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@Dichotomy continual updates and online nature of it. I regularly turn my laptop to completely offline as its easier to work. As I use it online infrequently, the last thing i want is a bunch of updates when i decide to look for a loop online.

Sometimes I make music whilst online searching and If im using Reason and im running a cpu heavy automation within the sequence, steam can crash my computer losing all of the progress.

Basically my laptop is used primarily as a production tool. Gog is great as you just download the game, steam operates as an annoying girlfriend constant vying for your attention.

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@themcnoisy I know Gog has Caesar III available as well as the other games in the city builders series, Zeus, Pharaoh and Emporer. Sometimes they sell it as a package where you can get all of them for like $20.

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@themcnoisy Fair enough, I'd still rather go back to the PC having actual physical copies you can pass on once you've finished with them. It's a bit funny looking back at the outrage over Half Life 2 being linked to an account given all the junk we have to put up with in games these days, but it is still a bit scary that a company (be it Steam, Sony, Microsoft or whoever) could pull the plug on your account without giving reason and cost you many years worth of games.



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