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I quite like a realistic inventory system. It definitely depends on the game but I really like the added realism of RDR2 with all the guns physically on you and that you actually put stuff in your bag (even though that is slightly tardis-like). It looks like TLOU 2 is going to have some good realism with this regard.
I actually noticed playing AC Odyssey it's become quite comical watching cut-scenes where your character magically produces items from behind their back.


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@BearsEatBeets Everything out of the normal in Assassin's Creed can be blamed on the Animus. Area can't load - Animus. Enemies magically appear out of nowhere - Animus. NPC with no face - Animus.

We are now in a world of people being offended for other people who they think should be offended, who arent offended.

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When games keeps interrupting things, offering the player to skip ahead, due to the player failing a few times.

If I'm struggling on a tricky level, then I'll surely be able to do it next attempt, probably. The game continually asking me whether I want to skip ahead is just going to cause me to get more frustrated at my failures.

After failing 5 or more times in a section with Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, it'll offer to let the player skip ahead to the next checkpoint, and it'll then keep doing this every time they fail. If I'm failing that many times, then it's probably due to me trying to get a particularly tricky hidden coin. Skipping ahead won't help with getting that hidden coin.

Even worse is Super Mario Maker 2. In Story Mode, the player just has to fail twice in an entire level, then Luigi will appear and offer to complete the level on the player's behalf. Come on, 2 failed attempts is not enough to indicate that someone is struggling with a level. Plus, saying that a level is so easy that even Luigi can easily do it isn't going to make the player feel better about failing.

However, there is a game that implements this mechanic in a way that I like. Rhythm Paradise (also known as Rhythm Heaven) for the Nintendo DS does this well. After the player has failed a rhythm game a few times, an icon on the level select screen will indicate that the cafe barista would like a word. The barista can easily be ignored. If the player does decide to talk to the barista, then they'll nicely point out that the player appears to be having some trouble, before offering to let the player skip that rhythm game. If the player refuses the help, then the owner will give the player some encouragement.

I really like this conversation, so adding it below.

Barista wrote:

Oh, how nice to see you.
You've been doing really well lately, but, well, don't take this the wrong way...
Has Moai Doo-Wop been giving you some trouble?
Because I can make it so you can just skip that game altogether. What do you say?
[Please! / No, thanks.]
That's the spirit. Stay confident, and stick to it!
I'm proud of you, friend.
For what it's worth, I'll be cheering you on from behind the counter!
See you around.

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@crimsontadpoles I've always chuckled at offers to skip ahead, even though I can trigger them quite often, but it's a grim, sarcastic chuckle because you're right, even in the cutest of games, it just comes across as "Aww, you suck at this! Did you know you suck at this? Well then, sucky player, here's the option for those who suck. We've made it really obvious but, still, be careful not to suck at pressing it!"

Pops up in a lot of Nintendo platformers. Last time I encountered it was indeed Super Mario Maker 2 and the whole Luigi thing, as you say. When you consider how heartwarming that example you've shared from Rhythm Paradise is, it's amazing more games haven't adopted a more encouraging mechanic.

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Pffft. We all the know the best ones are where games make fin of you for playing on easy. Play Ninja Gaiden on easy and you get made fun of the whole game by the other characters, Doom puts a pacifier in the doom guys mouth on the difficulty selection screen.
But it should probably be the encouraging kind, or just directly say, hey you, you the guy that sucks.



@Jaz007 If you make a difficulty choice from the beginning, and that choice is flagged with a sense of humour (like the DOOM Guy's pacifier) then sure, okay. That's funny. You know what you're opening yourself up for. It's more when a game actively stops you mid-respawn and says "we've been watching you and it looks like you suck at this" that it becomes annoying and / or insulting. It knows you've chosen to try, knows that practice makes perfect, but is still putting the boot in anyway... right when you need it the least.

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