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I’ve been thinking about getting a gaming PC for a few years but haven’t really had the space for a nice set up. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve gamed on PCs so I’m very out of the loop.

Anyway I’m thinking about getting a laptop to scratch the itch. I don’t necessarily want to play the newest games in the best graphics (although that’d be nice, but I think my PS4 Pro has me covered in that area and with PS5 incoming I am sure i’ll remain satisfied!) but I’m more interested in the idea of exploring some of the more unique experiences on Steam including some older games I missed (even stuff like Diablo, some Command + Conquer games, etc)

Does anyone game on a laptop? Any tips? Any particular models you’d recommend? I don’t really have space for a dedicated desk so I suppose if I’m playing keyboard and mouse games I’d need some sort of small desk I can use while sitting on the sofa? How easily does it connect to your TV these days and can I use my PS4 controller?

Any initial tips would be useful at this stage!

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@kyleforrester87 you are best looking for yourself. What I did was found out what graphics cards I wanted, the cpu, minimum hdd size and the size of screen. Once you know that you can search for laptops with those specs. From there you can work out what's a good and bad deal.

Also make sure it has a disc drive. Loads don't so if you have an issue you need to take it in to a shop rather than booting from disk if needs be.

I could post links but honestly when I bought my laptop was 2 years ago. Got a bargain from China. £600 odd quid for the equivalent of £1300 here. Took a gamble and it paid off!

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@kyleforrester87 I don't game on a laptop myself but I am aware of gaming laptops etc and do know that a PS4 (or Xbox - whichever you prefer) controller can be used with PC's. Ideally, you will want a mouse too as the trackpads of Laptops are not great for gaming. You can get mini tables - those that can be used by elderly or disabled to enable them to have a table in bed for example. You can even have these 'tilted' too. I doubt they will be too expensive and possibly easier than a mini desk.

When it comes to the Laptop, the big question is 'budget'. I know you don't want/need anything to extravagant but you still need to consider what your budget is. You can get a Laptop that is, on spec, around a PS4 Pro for ~£600 - a better CPU of course with a Ryzen 5 and RX580 GPU. You can get an intel i5/GTX1050 laptop for similar money too - both should be more than adequate for 1080p gaming and certainly good enough for games like Diablo, C&C etc - at least unless we get 'newer' iterations that are far more demanding.

A lot of laptops have a HDMI port for connecting to a TV so you shouldn't have too many issues with that. I would check any specs of any Laptop you are considering to ensure they have a HDMI port out. If you intend to use the Laptop screen, you may want to check to see what the refresh rate is - cheaper Laptops may only have a 60hz refresh rate.

Most big brands are good - whether its HP, Alienware, Razer etc. They generally share a lot of the same components under the hood - like AMD or intel CPU's, GPU's, Samsung RAM, and HDD's etc. It just depends on which those big brands opt to deal with to supply their components. HP for example aren't making all the components (like Sony don't for their PS4 either) so a lot share the same parts - often just differing in the 'shell' - internally they could be virtually identical. Point is, the most important factor isn't necessarily the brand but what's the best 'specs' your budget will allow - you may end up paying more for Alienware than the same and/or better spec with HP or Acer for example because 'Alienware' is a 'bigger' brand amongst gaming PC/Laptops.

Whatever you buy, something better for the same money will be available within 6months and you can probably buy a PC to sit under your TV that is better than a Laptop but obviously lack the flexibility and portability of a Laptop. I am not trying to put you off but remind you that tech moves much faster in the PC than the Console market. Anything that may be recommended today for your budget is likely to be surpassed relatively soon after buying but if that doesn't matter too much to you - I assume not if you have a Pro and looking to get a PS5 at some point and thus the laptop won't be a primary gaming device, I would suggest just buy the best spec you can within your budget - just double check the screen refresh, ports etc but I would be surprised if anything at a current entry level gaming laptop price would be underpowered to play the type of games you mentioned at full HD and at least 60fps

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@kyleforrester87 I've just gotten a new PC, after having used a laptop at home for years. Whilst it's the opposite of your transition, and I never used my laptop for gaming, I can say that technology feels like it's become incredibly personal of late. There are so many teeny-tiny differences between resolutions, user comfort, etc. that one person's solid recommendation might end up being another's nightmare rig.

For example, you ask about using your laptop on your lap (hence the name) but I could never, ever do that and always had to use it at a desk, at which point I was thinking "Should've just gotten a tower." You might be more comfortable; depends on your seating, reach, etc. and only you'll know that.

I got some Bose speakers for my new PC and when I added a tiny bit of bass boost via my media player's equaliser, my partner reacted like I was some kind of heretic. Everybody's different.

All I will say is that using a trackpad for mouse-based aiming is a nightmare. Like you, I only really play older PC games (otherwise why have a PS4 Pro?) so I luck out with mostly keyboard-only control schemes, but on an old work laptop I did once install and play Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II and it briefly required me to "free aim" and boy, was it awful. So if you're planning on using anything that requires aiming, you'll need a wireless mouse, which then means you're looking at some kind of small lap tray, if not a full desk.

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I bought the Dell G7 7588 last year and love it. Doesn't scream that "gamer" aesthetic, and plays that AAA titles just fine; and with services like GoG, it's possible to go back and play the older PC stuff for dirt cheap.



@kyleforrester87 Last year I bought a € 300 HP laptop since I needed something cheap to use outside the office. AMD R5, 3.1 Ghz and SSD are more than enough for working, but it struggles to run recent games with high settings. However, it's perfect to play most of the games that Epic Store, Steam, Gog and Uplay let me download for free. The hdmi port let me play them on any tv and the PS4 pad works perfectly.

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@themcnoisy Awesome. Even if it does kinda look like the gaming equivalent of one of those novelty beer-holding hats you see at ball games.

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@kyleforrester87 If it doesn't have some kind of cushion on the underside (which I can't see from those product pictures) then I'd probably say "ouch" but you could likely do worse. Depends what you're like with lap trays and whatnot in general anyway. I personally hate having anything on my lap.

I'll leave the technical question to somebody more... well, technical.

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I just got a cheap Asus gaming laptop was about £600. But I have since moved on and use a PC Game streaming service works out about £1 a day and will run all games at Ultra settings. Never a need to upgrade your pc and will run on any device including tablets. It does not matter how good your laptop is as it will run on anything from new to old. The service I use is shadowtech gaming. . You can also cancel at anytime if you want a break from PC gaming.



PS5 or a gaming PC..... both are great choices, we’ll see next year I suppose.

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