Topic: Can anyone help me find this old pc space sim game?

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The game I'm looking for is an old space flight sim game just like galaxy on fire II, I played it when I was young on a pentium II computer it was 3D and it had a lot of battle space crafts to choose from, there is one dark green space craft design that I remember particularly that look just like a missile; It had a crosshair shaped wings in the back each holding a primary weapon so it can shoot for times more than a two winged space craft, another minor detail I remember that is quiet unique in this space sim game is that when your space craft is destroyed you can get ejected in a capsule that I still remember the shape, it was polygonal egg shaped with a black and yellow band texture around it, when your plane is destroyed the camera keeps panning on it as it moves at the velocity of the plane when crashed. the gameplay and the whole design extremely resembles novalogic games spacially F-22 raptor witch is a combat flight simulator; the cockpit had multiple displays that are controlled with the key pad, the speed levels are from 5 to 0 keys or something like that, every single thing can be controlled seperately on the keyboard, except this is in space, the interior is different but still you have a number of displays to control all the details of the space craft from damaged parts to the radar, now I already lookd for a space sim game made by novalogic and I can tell you its not Tachyon. I remember also that when the "misson" starts you are set in a space where a lot of things are going on, like you can see a battle happening in the distance between a ship and other space craft, like it had multiple factions at was or something like that.



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