Topic: Best and Worst games (90s Edition)

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And some more great titles certainly worth mentioning:
Soul Blade
Chrono Cross
Spyro the Dragon
Silent Hill
Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
Front Mission



@0ld_boy They do that now too. No game can release on the PS4 if its likely to affect the console, its OS and any negative impact on the console or software on it. It has to be checked for that but that doesn't mean that Sony check the game for glitches, crashes, in game bugs, performance issues etc. Thats all down to the developers to ensure. Its not like glitches, bugs, performance issues etc are a 'new' thing either, its just that nowadays developers can 'patch' these much easier thanks to online access but years ago, games could and did release just as 'messy' as they are today. People though are less tolerant because they know the developer can 'fix' these but in the past, these were often joked about, part of the 'charm' etc. Crash Bandicoot wasn't free of these back when ND made them either - not sure if VV has left some in or fixed them with the N' Sane Trilogy but these certainly didn't release 'perfect'. Even a game like SM64 and Zelda:OoT had 'glitches' and these are two of the 'best' games ever that if they had released today would no-doubt be expected to have a day 1 patch to fix most of these and then subsequent patches to fix the others as they are found by the community of gamers.

Like I said, its nothing new, but nowadays people are far less tolerant - maybe because they know Devs can fix these with a patch.

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@themcnoisy The Jaguar cracks me up. Club Drive is just hilariously bad, and that controller just looks terrible. Probably not so funny if you wasted $250 on it, though.



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