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Capcom just released a demo for the newest Ace Attorney game Spirit of Justice on the 3DS eShop and it's actually a pretty good teaser of what's to come. Has anyone else played it yet? Or are you just waiting for the full release?

Thought I would also make this thread more general by including the entire franchise in the topic, if people want to discuss about the previous games as well. In my opinion, this is a wonderful franchise that more people should experience, I really love these types of games.



@KratosMD: I have very fond memories of playing the first one on my DS and I sort of wish I liked handheld gaming more as I've got the trilogy remastered on the 3DS as got it in a sale and the current one that is out.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of solving the case. It's one of those games where you build a connection to the characters involved in the trial that when its over you feel a bit empty until the next one!

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@TripleGK: You should definitely play through the entire DS trilogy because the game really ramps up in tension towards the last game. The third game is regarded as the best in the series, for good reasons. When the game ended, I just laid back on my bed for hours just thinking about the ending, it was so crazy.

The main gripe I have about the series as a whole is that you really need to clear out your schedule for the next couple of hours when playing through a case, because they expect you to remember a lot of stuff when playing through the game and if you wait too long, you'll end up forgetting a lot of important things and then the game won't be as much fun anymore. That's one thing I regret the most when playing through the first games, but I eventually learned that later on.



I only played the first game on the DS and enjoyed it alot. But as @KratosMD: said unless you can get back into it often you forget what you have done, discovered etc. Which can make the game harder unless you have a good memory which I do not, and wit as many games that I need to play I don't have the time to dedicate to just one game.

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I love ace attorney and planning to get the next one on day one, even though I would probably not have time to play it, just to support the localization of future installments. I wonder why those games have never been released on Vita, would love to get a platinum on them

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