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As the Vita is on its way out (as it has been for quite some time now) I feel like it would be a great time to make a thread where we share our fondest memories of this system. It can be when you bought the system, or the games you've played on it, or maybe its apps (you guys still remember Welcome Park and Near?).

A good memory that I have of the system itself was when I bought it in 2013, a year after I had bought my PS3. I was so excited to play some real games on a handheld after having played on a 3DS for two years. Even though I didn't play a real game on it, just playing around on the system for the first week or so was a jolly good time for me. Trying to 100% the trophies for Welcome Park was also a fun way to kill time.

Not really a fond memory but it is one of my favourites because of how funny it was when looking back at it. I had just gotten the system and about six games for it but I didn't buy a memory card! I ordered a 32 GB one, but the problem was that the post delivery during that summer was really slow. I didn't get my memory card until a week after I had ordered it and that week was probably one of my worst weeks ever. Having just purchased a new system and having all the games prepared for it but wasn't able to play them was just unbearable for me and I remember throwing a fit about back then. But thinking back now, that was just so unnecessary and I should've just been more prepared I guess.

My first real game that I played on it was LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and that was so much fun. I remember sitting inside during rainy days in August of 2013 and playing that game and I remember how natural everything with it felt. The touch controls, the rear pad touch controls, the motion controls, everything felt so great and yet so unique. That game really used all of the Vita's potential.

I don't have a lot of memories of the Vita but I do have some strong, fond ones and these are the ones I decided to pick out. What are yours?



Sad to be talking about its demise. The Vita rekindled my love of mobile gaming. I had a DS back in 2007 but never really connected to it.

I came back to Sony with the PS4 about 2 years ago and that got me back into passionate gaming as I had got a little bored with my 360. I had spent some holiday time doing our bathroom and then I had a minor op. I was then being dragged abroad by the in-laws for a wedding and I decided to make the leap for a new vita so I could treat myself and game when away. I knew it was a system with problems and wasn't going to be supported much but still dove in and had no regrets. I also started with LBP but the game that I loved and blew me away was Uncharted-golden-abyss. I had finished the UC collection and was just amazed that it was a console like experience I could play on the train. I stayed up late playing in bed and will no doubt go back to it again.

Since then I have played as much telltale as I can, lots of indies and I even got a Pstv. It does not get as much love as it should but I will still be rocking it until I find a worthy successor.

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Growing up in the 90s' I was only allowed 2-3 games a year, which given that I was a Nintendo fanboy back in the day meant that I missed out on A LOT of PS1 games. I'm only just catching up with some of the PS1 classics via the Vita. In fact I didn't beat Final Fantasy VII until last year, so that was great.

Gravity Rush also gave me one of my favorite boss fights ever. Special Nevi, The Mirage was so much fun to fight on the vita. Free falling to evade his projectiles was such a rush. I replayed this recently on the PS4- it's not the same.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth was also the first time after a LONG time that a digimon game came to the west. I was part of the countless petitions that were clamoring for a game, so it felt great to finally have a digimon game again. 230+ hours and a platinum= a really great time.

The only bad memory I can think of was the day I bought my Vita. I didn't get one till November 2015 and I remember going into GAME and they were almost taken aback when I wanted to buy a Vita. Their over-joyous demeanor almost made me feel bad about buying it.
Sure importing multiple 64GB memory cards from Japan wasn't ideal (or cheap),it was definitely worth it.

Also as the Switch builds up it's install base, I'm sure some we're going to be seeing some ports come over to the Vita. Vita won't be dead-dead till 2019.
With my backlog I'll still be playing in 2029.

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@Rudy_Manchego Uncharted was one of the first games I bought for my Vita back in 2013 but I still haven't played it yet. Now that my interest for the series is back after playing through Uncharted 4, perhaps I will go and play through that game now. It certainly is impressive that they managed to put out an Uncharted game on a handheld device, so it would be a shame to miss out on such a title. Even a game like Killzone Mercenary is still impressive to play 'til this day.

@Fight_Teza_Fight Yeah, I've also been playing lots of Final Fantasy on the Vita, specifically the PSP games 1-4. Really great versions of them and they work well on the Vita.

Gravity Rush was also one of the first games I bought for the Vita and I've still yet to play it. But I don't know if I should just buy the PS4 version and play that one or just go with the Vita version. I don't really know how I will feel with the forced motion-controls on the Vita.

And yeah, I'll be definitely playing on the Vita for quite some time, so these aren't my final memories with it. I just felt like reflecting a bit on the system and how we feel about it right now after so many years. But I still have a big backlog of games for it which I will eventually narrow down. It's too bad though that the longer I wait the more games will be ported for the PS4 it seems, with Gravity Rush and Tearaway already being there and WipEout 2048 and Danganronpa 1 and 2 on their way there. Wouldn't surprise me if a port of Persona 4 Golden or Uncharted Golden Abyss are already in works for the system right now.



@KratosMD: Killzone Mercenary was very good in my opinion!

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@KratosMD The story isn't as great as the ND Uncharted games and some of the Vita added features are a little gimmicky (launch release) but I still thought it was great for a handheld title.

Killzone Mercenaries, to me, is PS3 gen quality. I've played that on my PSTV hooked up to a large screen and it runs really well.

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