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@Rudy_Manchego: "Vita I got a download pack with an 8gb memory card which I now use in my PSTV"

Is that the pack with hungry giraffe, little big planet and little deviants on it? If so I got the same one! Then bought a 16gb card separately and haven't played any of those games since depressing I think wipeout 2048 is on that too! Oh my god I forgot about that.

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@themcnoisy: I got the one with Injustice, Arkham Origins: BlackGate and some PSP titles. The titles I got were all DLC codes so I still have them on my download list. Wish I had gone with the little big planet pack in the end - I actually bought that seperately.

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I just bought a new orange Vita which should arrive in a week or so. After years of going back-and-forth on whether or not to buy one, I pulled the trigger. I got an 8GB memory card, but I bought physical copies of Hot Shots Golf and Rayman Legends to get me started on my way. I'm going to try to buy physical copies when possible.




@Dichotomy Yes you can. I have both systems and it takes a few seconds to load the memory card in. Just be aware that some games that work on the Vita won't work on the PSTV (due to compatibility issues). Tried it with Crash Bandicoot and worked just fine.

As for the memory cards, if you are interested in the Vita, you best get them now. I got the 64gb one for £70 when I first got the Vita. They're around £90-£100 now, and they're only going to get more rare and expensive. I mainly got the memory cards with the download codes (which are generally out of stock now, as the system isn't popular), which were the best value for money.

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I was going to buy another 32GB Card as I'm always running out of memory. I paid £50 for my current 32GB card, but prices seem to have gone up even higher! I can't seem to find one for less than £70-£80 now. Which got me thinking about buying a 64GB import. A 64GB from Play Asia is about £83, but I've never purchased from Play Asia before. My Vita is the OLED (pre-slim) model. I notice that Play Asia only mentions the Slim version as compatible. Any advise, gratefully received!

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@Curlynob: I bought one via a HK company on ebay for £36 last year (32gb) - just been on to see if they still have them and you are right, the price has soared massively. The console really is reaching end of life. Sigh.

I believe memory cards are the same for both OLED and Slim versions but couldnt confirm that as I just have the slim.

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@Rudy_Manchego: I tried to read up on it a bit, and I ended up being a bit spooked about importing a 64GB card. I read a few stories that said the 64GB cards can have issues with the game database corrupting as the card gets full. Could be a load of bull, but that's the trouble with the internet - you don't know whether to take the things you read at face value. Anyhow, I had some bluray boxsets that I wasn't bothered about keeping, so I played it safe and traded them in at CEX for another 32GB. I got a bit carried away with the January PSN sale. I've literally got hundreds of hours of games to get through!

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@Curlynob: Yeah I went 32gb as I had seen a few articles saying something similar. I know what you mean about the sales - I think each large sale in the last year I've bought a vita title and now have at least 10 games unplayed.

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Thought about buying another 64GB memory card. My current one is half-full.
I last purchased a 64GB end of August 2016 & paid £79 TOTAL. Amazon now has it at £105+ (with delivery).
What a price hike...

32GB is £80+ now, which is terrible value for money.

Guess I'll start deleting games.

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I got a 16 GB one from a third party seller with 99.9% positive feedback, used in like new condition for $14.98 with free prime shipping at Amazon!

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