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I bought my first PS Vita this year and have plans on growing (legally) my library. Horrible timing, I know, but oddly enough, I bought the system with one game in mind... The Sims. I wanted to revisit the Sims 2 (PS2 Classic) mostly from this purchase. Should have checked the PS network to notice that the Vita is seemingly the ONLY gaming system to not have a Sims game purchasable.

If the PS network forgets about us old timers systematically like this, I'll be sure to purchase the big X this year with the same systematic movement. I spend massive money as a Father for my children to Sony. And I have no qualms with converting over if the X shows me it will take care of my Sims addictions. I can imagine it has a Sims option in the Switch.

This is what it looks like when money 8s the motive. Entertainment gets cut short. This is maddening. If the Vita dies (though it could compatibly continue) my payments may die as well. This is what I am expecting.

If Sony doesn't care to store 1 (one) game of my favorite platform, whereas all other do, I'm outta here. One foot out the door. PS used to be my favorite!! Til this day. Ouch'

Anyone else with thoughts about this small (but important to me) issue.

Thank you for your time.
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@RaccoonaLife The Vita doesn’t emulate PS2 games, the only games that are available are the ones that got ported such as Metal Gear Solid, Jak and Daxter, God of War etc. Frankly, Sims 2 is rather low on the list of ‘most wanted Vita ports’ and you’d be better buying the original disc if you still have a PS2. It’s also not even available as part of Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.

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Thank you

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