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I have a 50 minute train ride every day, and the vita is amazing for that. Great library if you can deal with older games and jrpgs, battery life is fantastic and you can turn it off at any point - ANY point and it'll resume that exact spot when you get back. Don't look for AAA games though, except the odd one.



I have a similar question to the original thread, but pertaining to the PS Vita TV. I know it can't play a lot of the games and apps that the original Vita can, but I saw a PS Vita TV bundle (including the 8GB memory card, The Lego Movie video game, and a DualShock 3) for $60. I'm sort of in the market for a new DualShock 3 anyway and those run around $45 nowadays, so I'm sort of looking at this as a $15 PS Vita TV. I do have games that will run on the Vita TV that were cross-buy with PS3 (mostly PSOne Classics) and I've got a wishlist of games I'd wanted for PSP that willl run.

Question is, is it still worth the splurge or should I just get a DualShock 3 ala carte?

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@chiefeagle02: If you are like me and not having the apps that people think should be on the PSTV and just want something to play Vita games and PSP games on the big screen then go for it especially if you are looking at getting another Dual Shock 3. Also if you have a PS+ member you will be able to get the free Vita games offered each month as well.

I have one mainly so I can remote play my PS4 to the bedroom but also so I can play Vita on my tv since I am not big on hand held consoles and I love it.

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Purchased a Vita at the start of last year. I've barely played the thing. It stemmed mostly from not having a decent sized memory card for it. I also didn't get the games advertised with it (Amazon warehouse sale) so i was pretty pissed. I was last playing Uncharted on it and occasionally used it for remote play but other than that, i'd class it as a wasted purchase (for myself of course)

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@daveofduncan: Yeah, the thing about the Vita is that if you want to have a great experience with it, you need to go all out on it. Get the largest memory card, get a lot of games etc, because the system infamously doesn't get a lot of games nowadays, except for JRPGs and indie games. And you also need to know beforehand what games would interest you the most.

When I bought my Vita back in 2013, I literally bought a 32 GB memory card with it, had tons of Cross-Buy games already available digitally and I also bought a lot of digital games on sale. Furthermore, I bought like a half dozen physical games with it, games like Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, Unit 13, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and Lumines: Electronic Symphony, so I was all set. And because I did that, I never had a period where I felt the Vita wasn't a good purchase.

I still buy games for it occasionally. The latest ones have been Persona 4 Golden, Danganronpa 1 and 2, Tearaway, Steins;Gate, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Resistance: Burning Skies and Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots Golf in the US). Even though I haven't played most of these yet, I at least have all these games to keep me occupied if I ever wanted something to play on my Vita. And because of that, I feel like I've made a good purchase, because the system does deliver some amazing console-like experiences. I just recently finished Killzone Mercenary on it and man, it must be the best FPS game I've ever played on a handheld. It controlled great and it was so much fun.

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Killzone Mercenary is bloody briljant.

Played better and liked it a lot more than Shadow Fall on PS4.

Multiplayer was solid too.

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I'm playing Killzone Mercenary on the PS TV on a 32inch screen and it holds up really well as a FPS. Feels like a solid last gen shooter.

I am stocking up on physical games for the Vita because I have started gaming so much on it. I travel intermittently for work plus visit relatives a lot with the family. If you want to game on the go and like playing console level games on the go (or really interesting indies) then the Vita is a sound investment in my opinion. Digital games are very cheap on the store now but yes, you do need to invest in a good memory card.

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Well, I just realised that this thread still exists! Since I now own a PS Vita, It's great and all, however for those still wanting to purchase the system, get ready to pay a ridiculous amount of money for memory cards. Other than that, the PS Vita is a great system with great games on it!


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I purchased a second hand vita from CEX about a month ago, primarily for remote play. I got the original model with the OLED screen and the battery life has been fine. I paid £80, it was in great condition with a box and a 2 year warranty. I've been completely sucked in by the native vita games and haven't even really used remote play. I bit the bullet and got a 32GB memory card (they are stupidly expensive, but I can't change that) and have loaded up Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Little Big Planet, Wipeout 2048, Resogun, Helldivers, Bastion and more... It was a nice surprise that some games that I have downloaded for PS4 (the last three I just mentioned) were free to download on Vita. I love my Vita. It's the best thing I've purchased in ages.



@Humpf: The Vita is a really nice purchase if you decide to really invest in one (just like I wrote in a previous post). If you buy the (in my opinion) best model which is the original one, the largest memory card and a bunch of nice exclusives then it's really hard to not become satisfied with your investments. Glad you're enjoying yours!

If you want to play more exclusives on the Vita, I'd suggest buying Persona 4 Golden (especially this one!), Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone Mercenary and ModNation Racers: Road Trip.



I really enjoyed Uncharted. I wasn't sure about Killzone. Sure it looks really impressive on Vita, but something about it didn't click with me. I'll check out ModNation Racers, though I wasn't aware of that one, so thanks for the tip. I'm interested in Soul Sacrifice Delta, Toukiden Kiwami, Muramasa Rebirth and Dead of Alive 5 Plus. Do they ever come up as special offers on the PS store? At the moment they're pretty pricey.



@Humpf: Well, those games that you mentioned are usually featured in the yearly sale "Big in Japan" where the Vita PS Store is basically a gold mine for cheap Japanese games that are otherwise really expensive. Sadly, this year's sale was already a couple of months ago, but maybe there will a smaller one sometime soon. There is though a Retro sale going on for Vita where you can get trilogy games like GTA, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid and many more older gems like those.



@KratosMD: Thanks for all you're advice, you've been really helpful. I was just on Base and I couldn't help myself ordering Toukiden Kiwami for £13.99. They have DOA 5 Plus for a reasonable price too, but I think I'll pace myself then and wait for the next "Big in Japan" type sale like you suggest. I was planning to keep things mainly digital. Cheers!



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