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So I was on my Vita the other day about to play Hitman GO for the first time and as I booted it up, I was told that the memory card needed........formatting.

I thought "This has never happened before, how odd." So I said no; next thing I know, all my games and save files are DELETED.

Naturally, I instantly told myself "Screw this console" and I refuse to use it any longer. Has anyone else had this happen?


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@OutspokenHuman Never had a system do that but over the years I have had games themselves do it. I've had my copy of Zelda II on the NES when I was a kid and the data mysteriously wiped. Also had a memory card during the PS2 era get corrupted and lost everything.

Thing is hard drives, batteries memory cards are electronic devices which can of course do some silly things at times.

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Still got my Pokemon Blue cartridge with all 150 on it. Well, that was 4 years ago when I last checked in on them!

That said Gameboy carts have a battery that, once it dies, the save'll go byebye

Vita memory cards are non-volatile so don't need a battery backup.

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@Tasuki I'm sure games have done that. First time a system's done that for me. Maybe the Vita sees that it's not long for this earth?


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The only logical explanation would be that you accidentally pressed 'Yes', because it's quite peculiar how everything was deleted after the question "Would you like to format the system?".

There is the possibility of it being erroneous of course which is really too bad. The dumb thing about the Vita is that the save file is attached to the game, so you can't back them up separately from the game. It's simple of course to just download all the games again, but the save filing system is truly a huge flaw of the Vita.

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@KratosMD Agreed which is why I'm not bothering. Sticking with the 3DS from now on for my handheld jollies (stop sniggering in the back, please).


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I’ve never had an issue with my Vita (knocks on wood) and I bought it second hand like 3-4 years ago. It’s an original OLED with the now obsolete 3G cellular capabilities.
Nevertheless, after reading this thread last night I made sure to update all my Vita game saves to the PSN online save cloud thingy. As much as I have enjoyed Danganronpa 2, I’m getting close to the end chapter and if I lost my place and had to start over, it would kill me.

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@OutspokenHuman I have my PS4 set up to automatically back up the saves when in rest mode, but not my Vita, due to my tendency to just power it off when I’m not playing to conserve the anemic battery life. So I need to get into the habit of manually doing a back up to the cloud every week or so. Sorry about your data loss. What edition is your Vita? Is it a launch system or one of the LED newer ones?

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I had a similar thing happen with my red and black God of War PSP 3000. I just remember there was some kind of glitch and suddenly all my game saves were gone. I was in the middle of Ys Seven so I wasn't very happy. That was the last time I ever used the PSP. There were still a lot of games I wanted to play but the thought of it happening again kept me from wanting to even turn it on.

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My Saturn memory card did a similar thing once, hundreds of little nightopian lives snuffed out in an instant... I remember it asked me a similar question about re-formatting, but unless I answered 'yes' I couldn't use it, so although it pretended I had a choice, I didn't really. It worked fine afterwards, but yeah, everything from before was gone.

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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