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@Th3solution Yeah. Just wait until you play V3 and it asks you to S-rank the arcade games on "mean" difficulty.

It's called "mean" for a reason.


All of the other trophies are basically just down to grinding, though. I guess, in a sense, even these skill-based ones are down to grinding in the sense that if you throw yourself at them hundreds of times, you EVENTUALLY get them. I'll be seeing Treasure Hunter! Monolith in my nightmares for years to come, though.

Imagine playing a tedious puzzle game where you have to break colored blocks in groups hundreds of times over the course of, like, 2 weeks.

And then imagine listening to this music when you do...

I eventually got it, though. When I finally platinum this, it'll be my "proudest" one, I think.

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@Ralizah Ha, ha! I kept waiting for the music there to change, but it’s the same little tune over and over. I’m sure you’re hearing that in your head all day long now. 😂
Well, thanks for the fair warning. I probably will just play the game like I played D2 — try to get the most out of it and all the trophies that come with delving into the game naturally and then save the grinding for later when/if I ever want to go back to it.

If the other guy is getting better, then you'd better be getting better faster than he's getting better, or you're getting worse.


@Th3solution Putting aside the evil arcade game trophies, the grindy trophies mostly involve really involved bonus modes. There's nothing here like the Monomi game where you have to grind the same levels over and over in the hopes of getting a rare drop you need. There are two interconnected game modes, entirely seperate from the dating sim mode, that are so elaborate that they could be their own game (not a retail game, but definitely a $20 downloadable one). They're just stuffed with unique content. It's crazy how much post-game there is here.

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