Topic: Are digital Vita games being removed from the PS Store?

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So I don't know if I've just been out of the loop lately or something, but recently I've been searching for games on the Vita PS Store and I just can't find them anymore. I was looking up Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and only the sequel Hacker's Memory shows up on the store. Same thing with other titles such as New Little King's Story and possibly others that I haven't noticed yet.

So is something going on? Why are games being removed? I've been meaning to expand my Vita library but I'm getting the feeling that I shouldn't do it with digital versions of the games. It seems that publishers are pulling the plug on one game after the other.

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@KratosMD Could be a variety of reasons. Publisher lost the rights, maybe they weren't doing well on the digital store they had to pull them till they renegotiate the rights etc etc.

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@Tasuki It seems weird though since the aforementioned games are still relatively new. I just thought that maybe this was some kind of ongoing trend of specifically Vita games being removed from the store since Sony has now completely stopped supporting the system or whatever.



The short answer is yes. But it isn’t a problem particular to the Vita. Digital games are sometimes removed from sale. It is is not a platform specific issue. You can usually still download them if you have purchased them prior to removal. @KratosMD



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