Topic: A beginners guide to Visual Novels

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@themcnoisy You should really give Danganronpa on the Vita a try, it's easily the best visual novel series on the system.



@KratosMD Ive got it mate. Its great. Just not really for me. I will give it another shot, in fact I will play it on Holiday this year!

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For a part-visual novel. The Awakened Fate Ultimtium is excellent. It’s also a rougelike dungeon Crawler, but it’s 2/3 story 1/3 gameplay. Has a good number of choices too, often very hard. Like would rather safely carry 5 prisoners out or take all 10 but risk everyone dying. Including the kids with you you’re rescuing. It’s the only game that’s made me cry, and I was before the climax even happened. It got in my top hands of all for the story alone after I played it. If anyone’s intersperse in that type of thing, I highly recommend it.

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