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so Outside XBOX just released this video (and they got the idea from a Reddit feed and it was really interesting and it got me thinking

Are there any games you just dropped because it just so tedious or annoying

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did you ever see a hurst go by and think that one day you're going die, they will stick you in a little box and cover you over with dirt and rocks


Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. So incredibly slooooow and boooooring.

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Nier: Automata

Definitely Star Fox Zero; screw those controls, that wasn't fun



@Octane i played the demo of Star Fox Zero and knew that i wouldn't like playing it with that control scheme

i really wish Nintendo had patched in standard controls to that game

did you ever see a hurst go by and think that one day you're going die, they will stick you in a little box and cover you over with dirt and rocks


Rick and Morty virtual rickality on psvr. Game was fine but I had a load of tracking issues with the move contollers.

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I did that A LOT when I was rushing through multiple games last summer (which I shouldn't have done to start with). The one I immediately think of in this case is definitely Luigi's Mansion 2. I was having a blast with that game until one boss fight that completely decimated me and I was forced to start the whole level over again, which took 30 minutes. I was done with the game at that point simply because I couldn't deal with games wasting my time as I was trying to clear out my backlog. If I'm ever going to play that game today, it will have to be when I'm in a more appropriate mood.

Same thing happened with Gravity Rush during that period. I just felt like it was so boring and I gave up on it. In contrast to Luigi's Mansion 2 though, I decided to go back and finish that game, which was much more fun on my second time around.

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Never on my first playthrough of anything, no matter how bad.

There are plenty of moments, however, where I've been looking for something to play or fill a spare day with (usually things with a level select or that are broken up into events, like racing games) and so I've randomly started playing something only to realise it was a mistake five minutes in. A lot of my gaming choices are synched to certain moods with me, I guess.

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@KratosMD Glad you decided to give Gravity Rush a second try. It's not an all-time favourite, and I think I suffered a similar lull in motivation whilst playing as well, but I'm pleased to have stuck with it.

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@RogerRoger I think the fact that I was able to experience a fully open world game on the Vita was what made me eventually like the game. It's just really cool to play a game like that on a handheld.



The Witness, near the end in The Mountain. Earlier puzzles had relied on interesting gimmicks, which was fine, but at this point the game was making it physically difficult to see puzzles, making me squeeze through mounds of garbage to get to puzzles, etc. I just quit, as the game was actively trolling me at that point.

I quit playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for THREE YEARS after the boring opening hours and the first monkey-powered dungeon. Picked it back up earlier this year and finished it. Still an inferior Zelda game, but it had its moments. Some of the later dungeons are pretty cool.

I stopped playing Enter the Gungeon after about ten hours, and Stardew Valley after 20 or so. They're not bad, but doing the same thing over and over gets old after a while.

I've probably tried playing Fallout 4 five or six times now, and I always quit about 15 hours in or so. I hate the terrible base-building, the bland overworld, the robotic-looking people, the weirdly unsatisfying combat, and they ruined the power armor by turning them into mechanized suits!

I completed Final Fantasy X once on PS2, but every time since I stop playing once the game starts making me play Blitzball.

I quit Final Fantasy XIII about 15 hours in when I got it on the 360 at launch and never went back. What a terrible game!

Ditto with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Played for three hours, sat it down, and proceeded to gift it to a nephew the next day.

I kind of did that Yakuza 0 as well. I've barely played it for, like, half a year now. It's not a bad game, but just thinking about playing it tires me out for some reason.

I dropped Bloodborne halfway through. No regrets. I wasn't enjoying it.

I got thirty hours into Xenoblade Chronicles X before dropping it. Too many situations where I'd have to run past high level enemies and get killed (it's way worse about this than the other two Xenoblade games). The game systems are overly complex, to the point where it's no fun trying to manipulate them. The only reliable way to heal early game is using the soul voice system, which means I keep having to use arts I don't want to use just to prevent myself from dying. And the lack of a reliable way to easily restore TP was a constant annoyance. The game's environments are stunning, but that factor is not going to carry a game too far on its own.

Speaking of, I quit Xenoblade 3D about 45 hours in. I just didn't like anything about it. Bland music, forgettable characters, annoying combat, and a needlessly huge overworld with really pointless exploration and next to no interactivity.

I quit Tokyo Mirage Sessions after the second dungeon. It's like discount Persona with terrible music outside of the J-Pop songs, and I hate how far they took the censorship.

I'm sure there are others, but those come to mind immediately.

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@JohnnyShoulder Agree on Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. The game is just too slow.

Also, pretty much every game that flips with my progress in any way. Like Patapon, which had a corrupted save file. Or Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, that didn't autosave when it needed to. Or 2064, which had a very backward save system.

With Gravity Rush, I think it's important to kind of know what you are in for. The start of the game easily sucks you in, in 1 as well as 2, but doesn't prepare you for the middle part very well. I think going in with the right expectations helps: it was made on a tight budget, the plot won't have you on the edge of your seat, etc.

It's a very cozy game, and very memorable, but it's not perfect.



@Ralizah The Mountain in The Witness is annoying that way. I get what the devs were going for with that part, but I experienced it as a stressful endeavor as well. The later puzzles in that level are mindbogglingly difficult, but in the good way.

I didn't like FFXIII either. Quit after 10 hours or something of play. Had a housemate at the time, though, who swore the game would grip me after 2, then 5, then 10, then 20 hours. What I've heard from said housemate I missed out on a great experience, but I guess I'll never know for sure.



@Kidfried Heh. Apparently, if you get far enough in FFXIII, it opens up a bit and stops feeling like a hallway running simulator. But, even if that were the case, that wouldn't fix the terrible characters, weird combat system, or bizarre world-building.

I've never been that disappointed in a game before. That was the beginning of the end for that series, as far as I was concerned. Although I've owned FF Type-0 HD since launch and still have never booted it up.


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I'm kinda ashamed to say that the only game for me to do this so far is Metal Gear Solid V. It's mostly the fault of my playstyle, but open world stealth doesn't really jive with me so far. I play MGS being stealthy and non-lethal, but it's been difficult to pull this off with how the game is. I get spotted pretty easily, and Snake doesn't have the health to really handle a firefight. Missions wear me down too, as I spend up to an hour doing one. Again, this is a me thing. But it's not clicking that much with me, and it sucks because I'm such a fan of the franchise. I really want to like it.

I'm not totally finished with it, but I started it a year ago and I'm constantly hesitant to play it.

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Stardew Valley, a couple of hours in. I felt I was performing dull, repetitive tasks with little guidance or reason. Not to mention that the game forces you to revisit home every few minutes. I think I'll still to Animal Crossing as my life sim.

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Here’s a peek into my closing thoughts while playing a few games, right before I quit them forever :

Undertale - “Where is this charming and interesting game that has garnered so much praise? This game is boring and so confusing about what it wants me to do. I don’t even understand it.”
Dragon Age Inquisition - “I’ve been playing this game for eons and there is no end in sight and I seem to spend my whole play session in my inventory obsessing about maxing out all the armor and equipment for my entire party. Screw this, I’m going to play a game where I feel like I’m making progress toward some sort of end.”
Batman Arkham Knight - “Ooh, this Batmobile is fun.... [five hours later]... ah man, not another Batmobile centered mission.”
Assassin’s Creed Black Flag - “Ooh, this ship sailing is fun.... [five hours later]... ah man, not another ship battle.”
Dishonored - “Hmmm, this game is kinda interesting, but I wish I were playing it in third person view.”
Rocket League - “So why was this supposed to be so fun? This is boring and I can barely make contact with the ball.”
Guacamelee - “Hmmm, this game is quirky and should be fun .... [three hours later]... where the heck am I supposed to go next and what in the world is going on?”
Muramasa Rebirth - “Wow, this game is so colorful and pretty. The combat is fun too... [three hours later]... where am I supposed to go and why have I had to retread through this same area again for the umteenth time and I still can’t find the right path to progress?”
No Man’s Sky - .... ok, I’ll just not even pile on anymore to this poor game. 😛

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Final Fantasy VII — The game was bland dull.and the characters had no personality compared to VI. The hero was a whiney emo kid and the main villian was your typical I am evil so I want to rule the world villain. Plus it didn't need to be 4 discs long.

Fallout 4 — OMG The turn base VAT system just made combat tedious and annoying. Would have preferred the comabt like in Borderlands. Plus add the building parts, yeah I am done.

Any WWE 2K game — It just felt like they wanted to concentrate way too much on the technical side of wrestling more so then the fun factor. I don't want to have to time reversals and chain together submissions.

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@Th3solution I thought Dishonored was a fun game, and at times it was really cool to sneak in first person, but I can also recount a lot of moments in which the perspective clearly detracted from the experience.

Also, I get that Guacemelee can be a bit unclear in where you're supposed to go, but I think that's pretty much unavoidable, seeing as every great Metroidvania has had that. Push through and it pays off.

And the min-maxing in Dragon Age Inquisition is kind of... tiring at points. I liked the game, but I've never recommend it to everyone.

@Tasuki I think the VATS system is the big redeeming point of that game. It's supposed to give it a turn bases feel.



Watch Dogs - I bought it on release and after a few hours of not really digging it, I sold it to a mate.

Dark Souls - I've tried so many times to get into this series because of all the praise it gets but I just don't like it.

MGS TPP - I gave this another try just last month and was getting into it until I got to Africa where it was just another checklist of missions and side ops. The MGS games have always been about the story but this one seems far too stretched out with monotonous missions to follow coherently.

Mafia 3 - I really wanted to like this. The cutscenes, setting, music and voice acting is all top notch but the gameplay just got very repetitive and wore me down to a point where I couldn't slog through it just to see even how the story unfolded.



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