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I could never get into the dual shock until 4 (which I love). The Xbox 360 controller and the previous S controller blew the dual shock 2 and 3 out of the water (minus the d-pad).



@sub12: @Hego: @themcnoisy: Looks like we should start up a previous 360 owner who went to PS4 club.

I too preferred the 360 controller it just felt better than the dualshock whenever I played the PS3 with my housemates though strangely I was better on the game (the game in question was FIFA) . Though for the PS4 controller its got just the right balance so gaming without it being a pain is great.

The future is looking great (until you have to save everyone for the 50th time)

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@sub12: Agreed the D pad was terrible on xbox. I never understood how it could be so unusable.

@TripleGK: That club would house a lot of people. It would be interesting to see if you want to start a thread?

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