Topic: New Year's (Gaming) Resolutions for 2020

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I have hit a wall everyone, you know when you realise you're getting older and work takes up most of your time so you can't play as many games now?

Yeah, that wall.

I get 13 weeks paid holiday a year but I don't pick when I have that time so I gotta work around it, and I still have to complete Witcher 3 GOTY, Nier Automata, HZD and Metro Exodus, and this is all before March when the big games start coming out.

Lord help me lol.



This year I’ll attempt to actually finish off games instead of getting near the end and inexplicably starting a new one. I’ve got Judgment and DmC4 in between sessions of Borderlands 2 split-screen and still haven’t finished Horizon. Oh, and chuck in a few games of The Show 19 when I have time. This is a problem.

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