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Blimey, it's January 3rd and nobody's created this topic yet? Allow me!

Go ahead and list your gaming-related New Year's resolutions below, to keep track of throughout 2020. They can be anything, from wanting a specific bronze trophy to thinking of completing an entirely new series of games, or buying a new console (or not, given how tempting the next generation may prove in the coming months).

Feel free to also list any non-gaming resolutions you may have, if you think it'll help hold yourself to account. We all turn our calendars over in twenty-eight days, so this topic might be a bit more of a permanent reminder for you!

Best of luck keeping any you post!

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I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of mine.


1) Play and Complete Shenmue
This has sat in my backlog for far, far too long now. It's become something of a joke, so I'm determined to at least play and complete the first game, if not Shenmue II (because there'll be no point continuing if I hate the experience, not that I expect to). With any luck, I'll have enough fun to be able to grab Shenmue III when it's inevitably discounted in a summer sale.

2) Broaden My Gaming Palate
Why yes, I do play a lot of games emblazoned with the words "Star Wars" and I'll be honest, even I'm starting to feel a little stuck. There's obviously LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga coming at some point this year, which I'll get at launch and probably platinum, but I need to break out of my obsessive shell a bit. My best friend recently did the same, adoring fresh experiences like NieR: Automata, Persona 5 and Yakuza. My drive to try and play Shenmue is part of this, I guess, and Dragon Age was such a success last year, so I'm gonna try and find something different (be it gameplay, culture, genre or whatever) every now and again.

3) Finish What I Started
Loved the first inFAMOUS and purchased all of its sequels, but then never returned. Played the first Rainbow Six: Vegas and walked away from its cliffhanger ending. Didn't even manage to clear the first level of Deus Ex without abandoning it. Put simply, I need to see things through and not get distracted so easily. The constant DLC packs and free updates to 2018's games didn't help but, with them all finished (and barely any new games purchased this year), I should have no excuses going forward.

4) Be Patient About the Future
Am I gonna want to jump on a PlayStation5 at launch? Probably, regardless of whether the games are solid enough to justify doing so or not. Would this break my rule about new technology, where I always wait a couple model numbers to ensure build quality and stability? Absolutely. Will I cave and get one anyway? Well, I'd be breaking this resolution if I do.


Given my haphazard semi-success with last year's five, I think I'll leave it at four this time!

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My New Years Gaming Resolutions

1: get 100% of the Achievements on the XB1 version of FFVII before the Remake come out (already platinumed the PS4 version)

2: to try and get through at least halve my gaming backlog, it's starting to get a bit too big

3: to sell any games in said backlog that i know i will not get round to playing

4: save for a PS5

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Finish my "Games to Finish" list.

From 2017.



I'm under oath to only buy 4 games at launch/new this year and they are Cyberpunk, TLOU 2, FF7 Remake and Ghost of Tsushima. All the extra money is going into the new console fund.



Purchase no more than seven new full-price retail titles over the course of the year.

Purchase no more than eight older/indie releases over the course of the year.

Complete 20 games from my backlog over the course of the year. This only counts games I purchased before January 01, 2020.

Fully complete Horizon: Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds DLC and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's two DLC expansions.

Complete a second playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Complete second playthrough of Resident Evil 2 (Claire route) and the unlockable Hunk and Tofu modes.

Complete the Post-Game content for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition, including all side-quests and all extra 2D mode content via Tickington.

Complete at least half of the games you buy in 2020.

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My gaming resolutions last year failed a bit, so I'll be more conservative this year.

  • Get five platinum trophies. This might actually prove a little tricky, but I managed seven last year, so shall aim a little lower.
  • Play Trails of Cold Steel. This has been in my Vita backlog for ages and I've just bought Cold Steel III but now I've finished Trails in the Sky SC I feel able to finally play the Erebonia games.
  • I'm a massive Tales fan, yet have fallen behind in recent years. With a new mothership title in Tales of Arise due to arrive later this year I shall aim to get up to date with the Tales series. That means finishing Tales of Hearts R and playing Berseria and Vesperia Definitive Edition.
  • Play and complete Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Self explanatory. I was actually planning on playing this late last year, but wasn't able to.
  • Play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear Solid is a series I only started getting into in late 2018, but it has become a firm favourite. I've finished the first four, so shall play and complete the remaining two canon entries.

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Just play more I suppose.

Get around to the big hitters that I still haven't gotten to; God of War, Horizon ZD, TLOU, Resi 2 - maybe some others.

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  • Buy more games and play less what a crazy person would say! Got you!

In all seriousness, I think 2020 is more important than ever for me to focus on my backlog instead of buying all the wonderful new titles coming out this year.

  • I need to finish Final Fantasy VI because I feel like this is a major hurdle for me to overcome in order to reach the supposedly better PS1 FF games (except I already know FFIX is a treat)
  • Start getting into the Witcher series by first playing Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 and continue on with what is apparently one of the best games of all time; Witcher 3.
  • Play more games on Switch since my backlog/played games ratio has been increasing with no end on sight. I need to rectify that immediately by playing more JRPGs and indie titles. (I actually plan on finishing my second playthrough of Oxenfree soon!)
  • Play more horror games since I bought a boatload of them last year but I only played one game out of all of them: Until Dawn. I need to experience titles such as Outlast, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Amnesia ASAP!
  • Finish Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and progress with those series. A remastered collection of Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 are coming out in February and I need to finish Kiwami 2 before then. Moreover, I really want to play Kingdom Hearts 3 and its Remind DLC, so I need to start progressing through this series.
  • Clear out as much of my PS4 backlog as possible. My progress in this area has been stagnating due to all the long games I've been playing instead, such as Trails of Cold Steel III that took over 120 hours to complete. In that time I could've easily finished at least 5 regular games from my backlog.

@mookysam I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing you play through the Trails of Cold Steel games and sharing your thoughts every step of the way since I feel like nobody else besides me is actively talking about this series on the forums. You're in for an incredible ride! I just finished Trails of Cold Steel III and this game has elevated the series tremendously for me. I even like it way more than the Persona series now, which is an insane thing for me to say. But that's the result of playing hundreds of hours with one continuous storyline instead of telling a different story in each game as with the Persona titles. You become much more invested and attached to a series that way, which is why Trails of Cold Steel is the best series ever for me and I'm eagerly awaiting the fourth and final game to this arc!



1. Don't buy things just because they're on sale and a good price - there's no point when I've already got so many games in the backlog I haven't got round to yet.

2. If I'm not enjoying a game, give up - I tend to finish games out of stubbornness. Why, when I could be spending my time on a better game or other more enjoyable activity?



Good lists so far from everyone. I am going to be moderately less ambitious than in previous years:

1) Save up for a new console (probably PS5). It would help if I knew the price though.. hint hint Sony

2) Play 2 backlog games to every one that buy. I am a sucker for sales and growing backlogs.

3) Not feel guilt about not finishing a game if I want to stop playing or get distracted. Sounds weird but I get weirdly triggered when I start a game and then don't finish it. I feel wrong somehow which is ridiculous, I know. Sekiro, for example, really annoyed me but I just wasn't enjoying it.

4) Don't overhype TLOU 2 in my head.

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@Fullbringlchigo That's a lot of Final Fantasy VII for you this year. If anybody can do it, you can!

@LN78 Ah, Ghost of Tsushima, thank you! I keep forgetting about that. Should probably have a resolution about remembering to pre-order that somewhere.

@mookysam Really looking forward to reading what you make of those last two Metal Gear games. I also noted you mention Trials of Cold Steel and thought "Even if you enjoy it half as much as @KratosMD has, you'll have a blast!" so best of luck!

Also yes, to all people wishing to clear backlogs, and wanting to stop themselves from jumping on neverending PSN sale prices, wise words!

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@RogerRoger "TLOU Part 2" is actually coming out on my birthday so with a bit of luck I won't have to pay for that one.If at all possible I'd like to get both new systems before next Xmas so every little helps.



@KratosMD I wouldn't bother with Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360 it's a really bad port of the game. Your best bet is to get it on PC if you really want to experience it.

Anyway I guess if I have any it would be make more time for gaming. With work and life in general I find it really hard to find time for gaming. There's so many games I start but just don't finish cause I just can't find the time to play anything. Alot of times I just end up restarting the game cause I forget what's been happening and then I just stop playing it at the same point I get to last time.

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Last year was a failure on every level so that's nice. Moving on.
Nothing too fancy so hopefully I can achieve my goals.

1. Play at least 3 Switch games to completion.
2. Buy fewer than 5 full price games of any kind.
3. Try to attain a completion rate of started games of 33%.

That's it. Simple enough, right?



No gaming resolutions for me again this year, I'll take it as it comes but a couple of health based ones since it oddly kept me a bit focused last year so...

3000 miles cycling - I can do it this year!
Finish the year doing 200 sit ups and 50 push ups per day!


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I failed badly at last year's goal to reduce my backlog, so time for me to do it properly this year along with some extra things.

  • Reduce my backlog: It's a bit too big for my tastes, so I'd like to finish more uncompleted games than I aquire. When I say finish, that can include games that I didn't enjoy and gave up on.
  • Play a Yakuza game: The Yakuza series seems like something I'd really enjoy, and there's plenty of games in that series, so I'd like to get started with it and play Yakuza Zero.
  • Play Red Dead Redemption 2: I last replayed the first game at the very end of 2018, so it'll be nice to play 2 before I completely forget what happened in the first game.
  • Play a Persona game: Early 2019 was when I started playing this series with Persona 5, and I loved that game, so I want to play another game in the series.
  • Give my PS Vita some more love: I got a second-hand Vita in early 2019, and it's fair to say that I haven't played it nearly enough. The only game I've really played on it is Sly Cooper 1. There's plenty of different games I want to play on it, but in the past other games just took priority. I'll play more on it this year.

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Yeah I'm not really a fan of making resolutions so the only thing I have been doing anyway is trying to finish more games that I start that I'm enjoying, and not to get distracted by new releases or sales, stockpiling games for no good reason. If I do buy a game or two it will be only be to play them pretty much straight away.

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Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn This is my penance for neglecting this game for so long. I owe it to Aloy to platinum this game.

Platinum Shenmue III It looks like it could be a grind, so I'm not sure how this one will go.

Don't but new games when they launch if I'm in the middle of something else - Cyberpunk, I'm looking at you.

Delete Red Dead II and sell it I need the HDD space and I can't get drawn in to that game again. Too many other things to play!

Complete Knack one and two I don't really consider the pair of Knacks part of my backlog proper, but after starting them with the kids I'd quite like to finish them.

Platinum The Outer Worlds Well, why not?

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  • Play a Yakuza game: The Yakuza series seems like something I'd really enjoy, and there's plenty of games in that series, so I'd like to get started with it and play Yakuza Zero.




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