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After being a pushsquare member since early 2015 and being a prolific contributer in the forums and article comments, lets see a big cheer for Kyle Forrester aka the Grimsby Wigslitter FF9 Indie lover.

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HA shucks. Cheers noisy you the man. Having a rubbish morning but you put a smile on my face. I look like my Avatar now. But you forgot to mention i'm a microtransaction supporting scum bag, though!

You're all great crack on here, best gaming community on the net


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@kyleforrester87 You are appreciated.
Even if you are a microtransaction supporting scum bag that thinks he's really hilarious .

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Here, here! 😆 Actually I haven’t been a participant on this site for very long, but kudos to the entire community. After searching far and wide for a good place with reasonable people to shoot the bull about gaming, Push Square clearly has the best users out there. Despite the rare troll or inflammatory person (you know who they are) this is the last bastion of civility on the net.

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I don't buy micro transactions, but if I did, I'd buy a Kyle Forrester micro transaction.

That was supposed to be a compliment btw.

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Yeah, he's sound that lad.



Word up son.



Grats my friend. Not everyone gets a thread for themselves. I wish I could be as good a MGS and FF aficionado as you!

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@Rudy_Manchego I would too. Otherwise, you'd have to play 60 hours in Push Square - The Game to unlock Kyle as an unlockable hero.

@Th3solution Your contributions are very much welcome here too.

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@kyleforrester87 Been there, done that. We’ll play PUBG though when it comes to PlayStation. Get some Chicken Dinners



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