Topic: JRPGs with English Dubs or Subs? (No Recommendations)!

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Which do you prefer? I prefer dubs since you tend to miss things when reading subs, plus I have extremely poor eyesight in my left eye and poor eyesight in my right so I miss everything while reading those subs lol...

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I prefer to play a game where I actually understand what the characters are saying. Furthermore, the fact that I don't know Japanese means that I can't really judge if the subs have good voice acting or not. So I tend to stay away from subs as much as I can. Playing obscure JRPGs that have subs however doesn't bother me if I just want to play the game and there are no plans of a localisation for it.

And yeah, it's kinda annoying having to look down to read all the time. Dubs all the way for me.



yeah same here,bad eyesight in one eye makes reading subs, especially at speed hard but i also prefer to actually listen to something in my native language

besides i think dubs get a bad name because of the low effort that used to be put into it years ago but now a days dubs are normally done with as much respect and quality as they can do with the limits they have and are no where near as bad as people say they are

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