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So lately I have been having problems when doing stuff online On CoD:WWII online lags really bad to the point where I get killed before I see the other players.on screen. When I am watching shows on Hulu or videos on YouTube they stop several times during the episodes to buffer and even when starting they take awhile to load and I have a Smart TV that says that I can't even connect to anymore. I called my ISP the other day and they say I need a new modem that mine is outdated. I am not sure they could just be trying to sell me something I don't need but honest it makes the most sense and the modem is 4 years old.

Now a friend of mine has suggested that I could save money if I just buy a modem rather then rent one from my ISP so after some quick googling I have a bunch of questions so hopefully I can get some answers here.

First off here is my situation. I live in a two bedroom apartment that's approximately 900 sqft. Right now I have a modem/router combo unit that my PS4 and my son's PS3 is hardwired in. Everything is else is connect via Wi-Fi which includes 2 cell phones, my son's laptop, a Roku streaming stick, a Smart TV, the Switch and 2 3DSes.

1) I want to have at least my son's PS3 and my PS4 hardwired for gaming purposes everything else can be Wi-Fi.

2) I am looking for a reasonable prices

3) Not sure if I should go Modem/Router combo again or Modem with a separate router

4) Needs to work with Comcast as that's who my ISP is.

5) Needs to be good for online gaming like CoD, Overwatch stuff like that.

Any suggestions as to which modem I should get thoughsts advice will be helpful as I am not a techy kinda of person.

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You would of thought your isp would provide a new modem if the one you've got is outdated, assuming they provided it in the first place.

Not sure how it works in the US but here in the UK when you change ISP's you usually get new modem, so it might be worth looking at that.

My Dad recently did this and ended up paying less per month with much faster internet speeds.

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@JohnnyShoulder I am not switching ISPs staying with the one I have which is Comcast as they are really the only one I have here. They charge me a monthly fee for the modem if I am to get one from them so I am looking at all of the options before I get one.

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