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Saw this thread and the first thing that came to mind was the music for Resistance: Fall of Man. That was a cracking game I only bought several months after it was released. I completed it around three times. Insomniac are totally insane in not releasing a similarly gritty game for the PS4.


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I will say the music in Journey is terrific, it really sets the mode and fits the game nicely. At times I found myself just stopping and standing still listening and enjoying the music.

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@BowTiesAreCool: Yes, it does sound like a waltz music, now that you've mentioned it.

How's that Monster Hunter game for the PS4 coming along, Capcom?


Been playing Final Fantasy I during the weekend (which has overall a great soundtrack) but the song "Chaos Shrine" truly stood out for me:

The ambience in the beginning sounds so lovely to the ears, I could just listen to this song over and over.



King's Quest has a lovely soundtrack. I just finished playing the epilogue and I've been sat in the main menu for a good 10 minutes just listening to it! It has such a beautiful tone to it and it really is fasciniting. Honestly, the soundtrack is incredible and the guys over at The Odd Gentlemen did a great job.

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