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'Tis the season and so I thought, why not share your fondest gaming memories during this lovely time of the year? There's bound to be games that you fondly remember playing when it's snowing outside and you're inside drinking hot cocoa in front of your TV just enjoying yourself. So please feel free to share!

Personally, one of my best memories is when I decided to play through the entirety of Ocarina of Time when I was about 12 years old and winter break had just started. I just picked it up on the Wii Virtual Console, having never played the game before and quite frankly didn't know what to expect. I'm quite certain as well that this was my very first Zelda game that I have ever played. Oh, I remember the music of Hyrule Field like it was yesterday, it was truly magical for me. I don't have very strong memories of the rest of the game other than those and that I managed to finally beat Ganon at the end. After that, I felt like my winter break was more or less complete because I actually managed to beat my first Zelda game, haha. Another more recent memory was when I played through Sonic Racing Transformed and Batman Arkham City on my PS3 a few years ago. I don't know why, but I remember playing those two during my winter break quite fondly and I had a blast. Those were good times..



One Christmas we were staying at my mum in laws on Merseyside (I lived In Plymouth at the time and moved back a year after this story) so my kids opened presents with everyone in my wife's family in the morning in the living room. It was quite claustrophobic in the room, 3 kids were opening presents wrapping paper was flying everywhere, 6 adults all sat opening the odd present here and there mainly watching the children's delighted expressions as they opened seemingly a billion presents. The room by the time I opened the first of 5 presents handed to me was akin to a Hamster hutch, paper stacked into every corner of the room. My wife was occupied as she was drinking snowballs and chatting to her family so It was about 11:30am when I opened them up. my first present was a pair of socks, second present was a pair of slippers, third present was a box of chocolates, forth present a lynx deodorant set and then my fifth present the big one (or so I thought) was a box of 4 bottles of real ale which I didn't even like. I thought, oh that's strange no computer games this year, and was literally the most disappointed I've been since my mum got me a subutteo football team when I was 9 and forgot to buy the pitch and ball. Anyway I set about helping my son build some Lego in the front room prior to Christmas dinner.
An hour went by, my son had given up the ghost by this point and had gravitated to something less mentally exerting whilst I was going at the Lego myself. I was missing 2 weird long pieces that meant the main parts of the ship wouldn't connect together. Mini me had previously opened the lego box in the living room so I went to search for the long pieces, that quickly became operation clean the living room as I'm a nice guest. My wife's dad was kicking off that he didnt understand how to work his present and the atmosphere was like walking on egg shells as I collected the wrapping paper.
I cleaned up, found the plastic pocket with the missing lego hinges and noticed a few presents were unopened in the corner, obviously one was a box of quality streets or roses, another was clothing of some description and another was for me - too thin to be a game. My wife smiled "your going to love this" confused I opened it up and it was a Vita 8gb memory card with Wipeout 2046, Lemmings, Little big Planet, Hungry Giraffe and a few other games. I was like "wow this is great but I don't own a vita" it really did feel like the subutteo all over again. The disappointment was made even worse and my wife looked at me really confused and went upstairs leaving me on my Todd downstairs. Bear in mind this was my wife's family home, I finished the lego in the front room and sat back in the living room with real ale I didn't like, christmas socks, slippers, a memory card and a fricking lynx deodorant set. At least I had the chocolate. Time went by and Dinner was later than expected so I cracked open a bottle of Bishops Finger (seriously a real ale) which was disgusting. Necked that and opened up a second bottle named Buzzard. My wife came back down, "did my dad give you that?", no I opened it myself I didnt ask for a bottle opener. My wife hit the roof saying I shouldn't be drinking his booze. I was like "what are you even talking about you bought it me" the whole house was this weird atmosphere, probably what happens prior to applying to go on the Jeremy Kyle show. My wife's dad was still complaining about his present, and the mum in law who was still cooking asked me to take a look at his new phone, It was apparently a Sony and he was used to LG or so the reason he couldn't work it, anyways he threw me a Vodafone sim pamphlet - the phone wouldn't register his 02 sim so I said it probably wasn't unlocked. Left it at that and finished the drink watching the TV. Half an hour later I helped set the table with him. He put the phone Down on the table, I took a double take, "hang on that's not a phone". I picked it up and realised it was a Vita. My wife had wrapped the wrong presents. I got my vita, her dad got 2 out of 4 bottles of real ale.

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Earliest Christmas Gaming Memory: Opening a box that had a Super Nintendo in it with Super Mario World & Zelda: A Link to the Past. Don't remember playing it that day (though I'm sure I did), but SMW would go on to be the first game I ever beat (I finally beat ALttP as well, but it was years later after Twilight Princess got me back into the series).

Most Emotional: Getting the N64. I remember being so excited for this (only thing that comes close is getting the Wii). I remember my parents saying that we needed an adaptor for it since the TV we were going to plug it into was old, and whenever I saw a component in the box labelled adaptor I actually cried in joy for awhile (turns out that wasn't the adaptor they were talking about, so I still had to wait a few days before I could play it, but still...).

Coolest/Luckiest: The day after getting the Wii I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a copy of Super Mario Galaxy, but was unfortunately told they had been out of stock for hours. I sullenly looked at the selection for something else (I had already played TP on GCN), when I noticed one last copy of SMG that had fallen (purposefully hidden?) behind another row of games. I quietly got the cashier's attention and pointed it out to her, and luckily got it.

Most Random: Any times I got games from outside my immediate family (not living in the house). Got a hand me down copy of Street Fighter II for SNES from one of my cousins one year (still works), Got a copy of Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers for PS2 from one of my uncles (turned out to be pretty good), and just a few years ago was gifted Red Dead Redemption & Dead Island from my grandpa, both for 360 (my bro got L.A. Noire, but he lost it somewhere in his room shortly after getting it...).

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My fondest christmas memory in terms of gaming was when I was about 6. I ran down the stairs on christmas morning and the first thing I laid my eyes on was the Nintendo Gamecube. Oh the joys I had. I spent many hours playing Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: Double Dash and The Simpsons: Road Rage, which were my favourite at the time. Back then, I didn't care for upcoming releases or 'must have' titles, I just enjoyed what I had.

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@themcnoisy: That has to be one of the craziest Christmas stories I've ever heard. Only the old folks would confuse a gaming device for a phone, haha. Well, I guess that technically the 3G Vita does have support for SIM-cards, in that case I would be somewhat confused as well. But glad that you managed to sort that out, I would've been pretty bummed out had I known my main Christmas present was mistakingly taken by someone else.

@RR529: Wow, you sure had a lot of amazing memories getting new consoles during Christmas. For me it was mostly games while I would usually get my consoles on birthdays. But yeah, I hope that you found Super Mario Galaxy to be a great experience as it was my first game that I played on the Wii and it seriously was such an amazing experience for me. Lots of great memories were made playing that game.



@Kyroki: That's good to hear! If there's one console I regret that I missed out on, it would have to be the Gamecube. Years later I managed to find a copy of Super Mario Sunshine and play through it and it was such an amazing Mario game. It's actually my favourite game on the Gamecube. I just wished I got to experience more games on the system, but hopefully I can pick up a cheap system nowadays and play through some of what would now be considered classics.



@KratosMD, I should really dig out my copy of SMG and give it another run through. I haven't played it in years, but I remember it being a joy (up there with Super Mario World as my favorite in the series).

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I only have one gaming christmas memory, but it's one that counts- Christmas 2001 was when I got the PS2, along with Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex and Rayman Arena. Not the greatest of games, but a good enough start into one of my favorite systems. Seeing how Crash Bandicoot looked with the new hardware after playing the PS1 games religiously blew me away, even though I didn't care about graphics when I was younger.

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My only gaming Christmas memory was getting a ZX Spectrum 128 when I was 10 or 11, way back in the '80s, it was a great present, I spent hours (waiting for the games to load off cassette!) playing games like R-Type and Manic Miner and many others, plus I learned to write my name in lovely colours on screen and make it bounce round the screen and other technical marvels for a 10 year old in the dark ages.



my earliest Christmas gaming memory is getting my NES with Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, that gold cart was mesmerising when your 4 years old ^_^

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As a kid with not much money (and my birthday and christmas being close together) I only really got games at this time of year unless I saved for months.

So I have loads of gaming memories but my best was probably when I had just got a NES that year when a friend sold me his old one. I had had a decent present haul and I always tried to save what I thought were the best to last. However, my Dad wanted to keep something which was obviously clothes, until last. I did it and was grumpy about it and when I opened it, lo and behold it was a dressing gown. Not even a nice one. He made me put it on and when I did, I realise he had taped the box for a NES Lightgun and the game Hogans Alley to the inside. The technology blew me away (for a while anyway!) and goes down as one of my fave Christmas memories. I hope I can do something similar for my children that they will remember.

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It was 2012. The whole family was sitting at the table and the 3 hours long Christmas lunch was almost over when my 7 years niece asked me to play something crazier than the usual NintendoLand. I looked than at my 360 collection; she already played some Forza Motorsport 3 because her dad's car was in there so I thought she was ready to drive some other car. And since she asked for something crazy, I let her drive a truck in Dead Island. I'll never forget her smile!!! She is eleven now and still loves zombies...

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