Topic: Celery. The worst food ever?

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My mom used to spank me if I didn't ate my celery when I was young! It does taste good with peanut butter though.

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Light & extra light mayo are the worst food ever. How much of a problem with mayo do you have to have that warrants eating a light, or even worse, an extra light version?!

Me: "Allo, my name is Woogy" all: "Hi Woogy" me: "It's been three weeks since my last spoonful of mayo. I am a mayoholic".

Eat less of the bad stuff & eat a normal amount of mayo & banish light & extra light mayo from whence they came.

Light & extra light mayo is the devil. Much worse than celery.

Right, I've said me piece, I'm off to dip some celery in a jar of extra light mayo .

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I only eat it with hot wings, carrot sticks and A LOT of ranch dressing so its OK to me.


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celery is delicious! black olives, however, are the devil's food! ew!



Olives are kinda meh. Olive oil however is liquid gold.



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