Topic: What old games would you go back to if a PS5 could play the discs

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I'd probably get myself a copy of ICO if it could play PS2 games.



Hard to say really. I've got a pretty big game collection so backwards compatibility on PS5 would be a dream come true for me provided it worked well.

On Xbox One, in the last year or so I've gone back to playing the Portal games, Red Dead Redemption, Fight Night Champion and Conker: Live and Reloaded as well as probably a couple of others.

PlayStation has such a vast library from so many generations to choose from, it'd just be brilliant to have the option to play them all on one system.



A few PS3 games, as I never owned one.


  • MGS4
  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Ni no Kuni

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There are a good few PS2 titles I'd like to revisit. Gundam Federation Vs Zeon, Encounters in Space and Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam. I'd also like to play Mercenaries again. The old Burnout games. I have a decent handful of PS3 and PS4 games I'd love to just be able to play on PS5 no mess no fuss. Randomly for PS1 I want to revisit Tekkan, Test Drive 5 and Twisted Metal. And all that is just off of the top of my head.

Sony is really in a good position to make a "Master Playstation" system that natively supports their entire library of games. If that happens they will finally pull this Nintendo fan away from his Switch for while.

Do you think they would add trophies for PS1 and PS2 titles?

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lost vikings 2 i was addicted to this game



I would go back to the game that I first got on PS2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, which is a great example of looking back on how far we have come. Perfect fit on PS5. I hope the console has that kind of backward compatibility. There's a lot of games I would pop in if it does.

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Fatal Frame definitely. All of the PS2 FF games.

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The Mass Effect Trilogy is a pretty obvious one, but let me see if I can name a few others... SOCOM: Combined Assault, FarCry 2, Battlefront II (the original), Fight Night Round 2, Guitar Hero II (I know, a lot of '2s' lol), Hitman: Blood Money, Monkey Island Anthology, GTA: Vice City (probably still the best GTA imo), Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2, Assassin's Creed 1, Black...

Tbh, there's a lot of games. XD

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Message To Shawn Layden CEO Of Sony Interactive Entertainment .The Ps5 Console capabilities Is Better to Have At Least The Ps2 Games & Ps3 & Ps4 Games Disks To All In One Included Ps5 Games Play On Ps5 Consoles That Would Be Best . Or Half & Half Like Buying Games On Playstation Store To Make Perfectly Clear I Like Playing games On The Console

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Persona 4. This would be so fun on the PS5.

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Honestly none, just wanna play new things. Though i hope our ps store purchases transfer over as i still want to play the current streetfighter until the new one and have a killer backlog id like to get through

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PS5 can play PS4 games, correct? Thats what i was reading anyway. It might have been a rumor
It will be a huge blow if it doesnt. I still barely have time to finish PS3 games, now I just started PS4 recently and here comes PS5. Sometimes I think technology needs to slow the heck down. I take my time with things and I try to enjoy things as much as possible without rushing. But I can see why Sony is in a hurry to keep making new consoles. Its huge business. But I might just be an old gamer. You know, not part of the whole SPEEDRUNNING crowd of today. I can only imagine all those SPEEDRUNNERS going through all games like its popcorn, seeking the cake next so they swallow it whole sigh

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@asecin I dunno, speedrunners actually play games far more than the average gamer. Since they need to constantly improve their time or find optimisations, they’ll play the same game for hundreds and hundreds of hours, to the point of exhaustion.

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@asecin Yep Sony confirmed PS5 will play ps4 games, we just don't the details of how it will work.

I'm not sure anyone is rushing to release the consoles, 6 years is about right for a typical console life.

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