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I want the PS5 to have an activity log for your games like Nintendo has (well at least the 3ds had it not sure if Switch has it or not).

It would show times played, total time played, and average time you played said game. I loved this feature on my 3ds and a lot of games especially Playstation exclusives don't show your total time played.

What features would you like the PS5 to have?



@TalentedAtGames digital PSP games and Vita games that are compatible with PSTV would be great too

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The PS4 has some nice linked functions if it's plugged into a Bravia, like the lightbar changes colour to match the TV's light (pointless but cool), the PS button on the controller switches to the HDMI port the PS4 is on, you can use the TV remote to navigate the PS4 menus, and turning on the PS4 automatically turns on the TV.

I'd like more stuff like that, like maybe you can use the TV mic as your PS5 mic. And picture in picture stuff, like playing a game while a movie plays in the corner (though that may be more TV-end than PS5-end, it could still be done by the PS5 regardless of the TV).


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To play games.

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A screen saver which goes through your pics/screenshots. You could set it to just pick from one or two folders, or all of them.

They could probably just patch this into the PS4 to be fair.

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Cup holder, please.

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One feature eh... just better looking games, I guess. Quite unoriginal but at the end of the day it’s what I get a new console for Stuff like an activity log can always be patched into a PS4.

@Kidfried silence is a good one, it’s one of the best things about the Switch to be honest! PS2 has a fan didn’t it? Maybe the slim one didn’t. And I don’t think Dreamcast or GameCube had one.

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@kyleforrester87 I love that about Switch and I feel it's something Sony can't just ignore next generation, with so many complaints I read from others.

But... It's Sony. They do what they please, and promised us that time and time again.

For some time I had my PS4 in my partner's one room apartment, due to moving. But it was just impossible to play on it without disturbing them...



Controller battery lasting double what the ps4 does would be nice.



Being able to play with eight controllers simultaneously.



@Kidfried it’s a cool feature but I don’t think it’s one that would sell a new console really, they are more likely to push graphics


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Digital rental and activity log. Also being abke to stream any game you buy digitally.


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A trophy tracker like X-Box has for achievements. As a trophy hunt, it would be nice to be able to track how close I am to getting a trophy I'm after.

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I want it to 3D print my favorite characters, ha ha.

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