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What games that are confirmed or rumored for PS5 are must-buy, day one purchases for you guys? For me it's Final Fantasy XVI which all we know is it'll be a PS5 game, and as for unconfirmed games, hopefully the next numbered Dragon Quest game will be localized as well which will definitely be several years from now if it happens. What games are you looking forward to next generation?

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There are no games currently confirmed yet. The bloody system hasn't even been announced yet



Yeah I think this is all a bit premature lol. Of course we can all guess but until they announce a console we're shooting in the dark.


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Call of Duty black ops 6
Knack 3
Horizon zero dawn 2
Spiderman 2



God of War 2 (5)

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@Tasuki TBF this whole PS5 section is based on rumours and speculation. Can you provide any links that state any facts regarding PS5?

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Well there is some evidence of 'Next gen' games - like Elder Scrolls 6 and Square Enix have announced/leaked a Next Gen AAA game in development too. Infinity Ward's CoD - due in 2019 was looking for staff to help on their upcoming 'next gen' game and no doubt there will be a lot of cross-generation releases in the first year of release - as there always is.

Cyberpunk 2077 (for example) could release on both current and next gen hardware and even if some games release months before the next gen console arrives, there is still a possibility of a 'next gen' release too - Tomb Raider (definitive) for example. Obviously games like AC4:BF, CoD:Ghosts, BF4, Fifa 14 (games that released a month or two before the console) were more likely to release at launch on next gen hardware but games like Saints Row 4, Diablo 3, Last of Us and Tomb Raider did get released relatively soon after. You can argue whether these are 'true' remasters or just ports with a few visual settings (like output resolution, shadow quality etc) changed because of the additional 'power' available to devs - not that different really from games like AC4:Black Flag...

Point is, there is a likelihood that a LOT of the 'big' games will release on next gen hardware regardless of whether they release months before the console releases or not. I know that if Cyberpunk 2077 was to release on both generations, I want to play it on the 'next' generation more so than the current gen - same goes for games like Last of Us2, Ghost of Tsushima, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, StarField (assuming Bethesda don't mess this up...) or any other big game that's likely to release towards the end of 2019. Days Gone, Metro Exodus etc too would be games I would prefer to play on next gen but I think they arrive too soon to wait for the hardware to arrive.

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I guess Cyberpunk 2077 will come for the PS5 and then I will buy it, because I think it's so huge, that there will be great detail/graphic cuts in the PS4 Version, so I'll wait for the next generation.

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