Topic: Your least favorite gaming genre.

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3) Local co-op-only games: Gaming isn't really a social activity for me.

2) Online shooters that aren't Splatoon: Nah.

1) Sports games: Nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey hey-ey, goodbye~

But yeah, even real sports are completely uninteresting to me, so these hold no appeal whatsoever.

Dishonorable mentions:
Anything labeling itself as "early access." Nopenopenopenopenope.
Every generic AAA Western action game.
Cinematic first-party Sony games with the forced walking, nattering companions, and gritty, realistic narratives.

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Turn based Strategy games — Stuff like Command and Conqueror, StarCraft, etc. I just don't have the patience for those games and just find them boring overall.

Minecraft type games — Games like Minecraft, Lego Worlds, Terraria etc. I tried them and never figured out their appeal. The lack of story those games have just give me no reason to play them. It's not like say SimCity for example where you have goals like get X amount of citizens or something like that.

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I want to add online only games and multiplayer only games in general.
I still play games that are almost 30 years old, so online only games are completely useless in my opinion, I don't want my games to depend on so many external things like their servers and other players to be playable. Selling games like this is a fraud imo and I just don't want to spend money on them.
I don't even want to spend my time on them not even when they are free! It is just disgusting trash for me.

I don't like games that cannot be played alone, but I can like games that, despite being focused on multiplayer, have a good single player mode too. I like Street fighter 2 and Street fighter Alpha, Mario kart and other similar games for example.

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I hate Puzzle games with every fiber of my being. Which sucks because my favorite genre is RPG's and they love to throw puzzles in RPG's.

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@Tasuki you know i find Mincraft boring on survival mode but the creative mode is loads of fun but that could be because i like to create things and MC lets me do that

i even built my house on there once, full size too 1:1 scale, with everything in it that i could make

then i blew it up for fun

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Sports games. That's pretty much it, I can't think of other genres that I like less than that. That being said, I'm always open to trying new things.


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@FullbringIchigo like Hearthstone and Magic the gathering.

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Ive seen a lot of hate for sports games which is fair enough. I wasnt a huge sports game fan way back when. However the likes of nba jam, the bigs, sega star soccer, wii sports etc are extremely abstracated versions of the sport they are based o n. Do you all not enjoy them?

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@themcnoisy several years ago I liked some "extreme sport" games like Tony Hawk games, then I played 1080° Avalanche and I completely forgot every other sport game. Right now I love it and nothing else, but as long as a sport is individual, not team based, I could try it and maybe like it. For now I haven't found anything else as good as 1080° avalanche is for me, and since it is not my favourite genre anyway after a while I stopped trying new things.

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@ShadowWarrior Great idea for a thread.

I don't really hate any genre. I play loads of different games. There are, however, some game types I just don't understand or something. They don't click with me and I don't know what it is. Lemme try explain.

Real time strategy games: I just have a hard time understanding why some battles are won and others lost. Might be that there's too much going on at the screen for me to still have a feeling for it

Soccer games: Sames as RTS. The amount of characters on screen that you need to overview confuses me to the point I can't understand why something works one time and doesn't another.

Basically I just want my games to be a out one of two characters max.

Racing sims: Follow the lines, switch gears, don't bump into anything, be careful. These games are about everything that's boring about driving a car.



Walking sims. Every one I have ever started I have never finished due to sheer boredom, disgust, and then loathing. They make me want to stick my finger in a light socket just to feel something! I hate being bored more than anything.

Anything else I can play and enjoy, but things like sports games, racing games, RTS, or party games I won't really buy. Although there are exceptions sometimes. I wouldn't say I dislike those genres.



Fighters- I don’t have the patience to memorize all the special moves only to try in vain to pull them off and fail. Smash Bros. is the only fighting series I care for.

Point and click- I’ve tried to get into these games, but when you end up having to consult GameFaqs a lot that kind of ruins the point of the game.

Horror- Just not my genre. Alan Wake is the only horror game that I enjoyed. If I want horror, I’ll just stick with films.

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-Shooters. Not a genre I hate at all, but it takes something that stands out to get me to play one. It didn't help that I lived through the early '10s shooter mania.

-Open World games. Again, not something I hate, and some of my favorite games are these, but I feel they're way too common nowadays and tend to be timesinks that eventually wear me out. The only reason I've put off some games like Horizon or FFXV is because I don't feel like another open world grind.

-Puzzle games. I'm an idiot.

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@themcnoisy I was a lot more in to them as a kid. FIFA, ISS, Madden and NHL, NBA Jam were always a feature in our house. As was the (superior to all sports games) Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe.

I fell out of them more than anything after my school days. When a lot of my time wasn't spent with people who genuinely liked football I suppose. I kept playing the NHL games fairly solidly up until NHL 2002.

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  • Online FPS hands down
  • Sports
  • AAA western action games

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@themcnoisy As I said, playing Wii Sports Golf with my Dad was the exception to my dislike of sports games, because it was silly fun we didn't take seriously (until we were winning, of course) and we spent more time on the driving range with the massive comedy bullseye mechanic than actually playing the golf part.

Perhaps I should specify that I'm just bored by sports games that try to accurately replicate their chosen sport. Similarly, for example, I love a good racing game, but an arcade-y one, or one with a gimmick (like Split/Second's booby-trapped, explosion-laden courses). Today, if you asked me to play Gran Turismo, I'd probably fall asleep halfway round the Nürburgring, and not just because it was my university flatmate's favourite splitscreen course on GT4 (seriously, like, every evening... I could probably drive the real thing with my eyes closed at this point).

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Just to clarify, I don't necessarily hate the sports genre. I had a great time with sports games back when I was a kid. NHL 98, Knockout Kings 2000 and International Superstar Soccer Pro. SSX was a huge hit at my youth club too. I think there's something missing in many of today's sports games though. I need a hook.


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I have thought long and hard about this, and I really struggled to come up with a definite answer!

The first one that came to mind was walking simulators as I found Everybody's Gone to the Rapture a total bore to play and was really disappointed with Gone Home. But enjoyed Firewatch and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Then I thought games as a service such as Destiny and Warframe as I dislike the amount of grinding you have to do and the variation in gameplay is not enough for me. However I did finish the main campaign in The Division (mostly with a buddy) and liked The Dark Zone after initially hating it (and I mean absoulety detested it).

And then last but not least JRPG's. But I've only played one of em recently in Final Fantasy 15. I got a lot of hours out of that game but there were a few gameplay mechanics that irked me and by the end of my play time with it, it was beginning to become a drag to play it. I know that FF15 does not play like in some aspects or look like a traditional JRPG, but i generally do not like the anime character designs. And because of the translation that has to go on there is usually poor voice acting or reams of text to read, which is not personally what I want from playing video games.

I'm still willing to give any game a chance and I feel I'm fairly open minded in regards to this.

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