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@seanobi I've said this before in an other thread but after playing the two latest Tomb Raider games, it struck me just how much the gameplay in Uncharted sucks in comparison. It's slow, it's repetitive, it's tedious and it's boring. It doesn't come anywhere near Tomb Raider in terms of fun gameplay. So in that regards, I find the series quite overrated. The only thing I'm interested in with the Uncharted games is the story and I hope I find it refreshing with The Lost Legacy since it's a different protagonist and all.

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Modern Naughty Dog games are mostly boring, although I did enjoy Uncharted 4. Best story and gameplay in the series.

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@Ralizah That I agree with, thanks to the added stealth and rope swinging mechanics. Even still, I find The Last of Us to be the best game Naughty Dog has ever made with both excellent gameplay (not to mention extremely satisfying and fun) as well as an excellent story. That series is the pinnacle of the company as of right now.

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@KratosMD Heh, TLOU is my least favorite ND game. Equal parts boring and depressing. I acknowledge that's not a popular viewpoint, though.

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I too found the Last of Us quite boring and predictable. It wasn't helped by a protagonist that I had no affinity to. I thought the story was predictable and the game-play was slow and boring. Visually it looked great but I got fed up by the structure of the game too. A few 'horde' mode parts and the best supporting 'part' was the humble pallet - used multiple times because Ellie can't swim. I pretty much knew the way the 'plot' would play out.

I also hate that 'Batman vision' that Joel had and crept into Uncharted 4 to a lesser degree but you could still 'mark' targets and get a stupid arrow over their head. In Batman, it makes sense but not in these games.

I really like the Uncharted series but 4 for me was the 'least' Uncharted game of the lot. It still has some incredible visuals and fantastic attention to detail but it was more 'Goonies' to the predecessors 'Indiana Jones'. The first game was very much like Tomb Raider BUT what this had over TR at the time was depth of characters and how 'realistically realised' they were. However with the Tomb Raider reboot, that gave Lara a much more 'realistic' personality. The game also branched out into a more RPG game. Story wise, I preferred the first Tomb Raider to the follow-up, 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' but the game-play of Rise was certainly bigger and better. I also preferred the options post completion - much better than TR's MP. Talking of MP, I am not a big fan of Uncharted's and Last of Us.

I still like U4 and it was my 'game of the year' but I do think it missed the aspects that made Uncharted 1-3. It also felt like they 'shoe-horned' a character in to fit the direction that the new team wanted to go. I am not denying that they improved on the 'game-play' and 'combat' - although I would have preferred a more 'solo' combat and no MGS style target marking as it leaves triangles over heads which really ruins the scene.

What sets ND apart though is how well realised their characters are and the attention to detail in the visuals. Even going back to Uncharted, at that time nothing else came close to the 'characters' - especially the protagonist. Games like BioShock, Dead Space etc put you in the shoes of a 'blank' character - even if we knew 'something' about who they were and the job they did, they were still pretty 'blank' canvasses. Nate though felt like a real person, someone you could meet. Uncharted 2 was stunning and Uncharted 3 was (in my opinion) the best looking game on Last Gen. I know Last of Us was a great looking game too but still felt 'empty', quite drab colour pallet and I think, not quite as stunning. I think that U3 was the 'pinnacle' of visuals on last gen and after that, we had a plateau.

Naughty Dog still remains as my 'favourite' developers. Their games are a testament to what can be achieved on 'limited' hardware. Uncharted 4 still stands up as a technical masterpiece and set the standard. I know Horizon:ZD is incredible too but its not quite as technically proficient as Uncharted 4. I also know that Horizon:ZD was very different in that it was a big, open world game. It has a few clipping issues, sometimes footprints show in snow and other times not. Plants etc don't react properly when you walk through them and facial animations are not in the same league. Again I know Horizon is a 'different' game and may have to sacrifice some of these to deliver the big open world with giant robot Dinosaurs wandering around but the point still stands that ND games are technical masterpieces with great characters - even if sometimes the story and/or game-play aren't always pushing things forward so much.

I will still buy Last of Us 2 - because its ND and because they always blow me away with their technical prowess. I would also look forward to the next Tomb Raider too. I have bought and completed both the reboots at least twice now. I doubt it will be made by Crystal Dynamix though as they are now working on a Marvel Avengers and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the rumoured follow up to 'Rise' is more likely to be developed by Eidos Montreal it seems and it was rumoured to be formally announced at E3, then Gamescom but so far, nothing official...

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Just ordered Yakuza Kiwami. I really hope that I'll get it on Tuesday when it releases, even though this is pretty much a last minute order. I'm really looking forward to delving into this franchise for the first time.

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Picked up Yakuza Kiwami and Resident Evil: Revelations.

Nice, if you like beat 'em ups I think you'll really enjoy this game. Probably the best one to start with as well as the game does shows it age a little bit (originally released in 2005 afterall). If you like it, definitely look into 0 - best game in the series - after that.



@Gamer83 I'm absolutely loving this game! I thought the beginning was a bit slow and the world hadn't opened up so much yet, but when it did the game became so much better. There are tons of things to do in the world which is really cool because it didn't feel like it would have that much going on in the beginning. From doing substories to going to different stores to playing mini-games to having street battles, the game certainly knows how to give you a lot of things to do. If you ask me, this is an open world game done right.

And yeah, I decided to start with this one just so I can play the 'better' game that is 0 later on. I heard that Kiwami is light on content and story which is not surprising seeing as how this is a remake of the first game and all. So I guess you can say that playing this one first rather than after 0 will prevent me from getting disappointed with the game, which is certainly working thus far.

'To judge others by your own standard is the height of folly'
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Just ordered Yakuza 0. I just can't get enough of this series. If people think 0 is better than Kiwami then I'm really excited to play that one after having played Kiwami.

Here's for another potential GOTY candidate.

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'They fail to live because they are always preparing to live' - Alan Watts


I got a white ps4 pro today - a 4K tv is coming in two weeks so I hope to get something out of it, aside for the fact that it matches my furniture sweetly.

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Strolled into GAME and picked up Knack 2. It's okay for a grown man to do that now. It's 2017.

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I finally got me a copy of HZD! Better later...

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I traded my PS4 for an XBox One at the beginning of the year. After getting an XBox One S over the summer, I also contemplated getting a One X to complete my set. I actually paid off my balance on it before realizing I really miss the PS4. Today, I bought the white PS4 Pro and MLB 17 The Show along with an extra controller. Oh how I've missed The Show this season!

I'm thinking about getting Horizon Zero Dawn too to see if all the hype is real. But for now, the PS4 Pro and The Show will do. Now that I have a 4K TV, I can take advantage of the Pro's power!




@Cthrash13 The hype is real.

My last purchase was The Phantom Pain. Thing is I have never finished Peace Walker. Anyone here know how much that matters?

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@Kidfried I was the same. I never finished Peace Walker either and I loved MGS V. The Metal Gear stories are so convoluted and confusing anyway, I have a hard time linking the games together in the appropriate plot and timeline. It is probably more important to have played Ground Zeros before jumping into Phantom Pain. The story is a direct continuation. PP does show flashbacks of the salient plot points of GZ if you don't want to be bothered with it though. If you do play GZ and feel like the game isn't that great, don't worry. It's not that great. But it's really short and it is not any indicator of the PP, which is so much better in every aspect.
Although it gets a lot of hate on the forums, MGS V: TPP was spectacular imo. One of the few games this gen that I couldn't stray away from until I finished it.

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Just picked up MLB the Show 17 from the sale. Been wanting it for awhile now, I rented it before and enjoyed it alot. With the sale price I figured now is as good as anytime.

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I grabbed Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Ratchet & Clank today. I needed a new Dragon Ball game, and Ratchet was long overdue.

This will likely be my last gaming purchase for a while. The place I was working at closed down this week, so I'm out of a job until I get another.

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