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Well, I was pathetic enough to pre-order Undertale yesterday. I've fallen victim to the hype. I have never played the game, never watched streams of the gameplay ... heck, I have pretty much no idea what the game even is, but a legion of rabid annoying fans can't be wrong, right?
Guess I'll find out next week. ¯(ツ)

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Sudden Strike 4. It's installed and ready to go, but won't get time to play until tonight.



I got Yooka Laylee yesterday. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. I'm really surprised it didn't review so well. I've played it for about 8 hours today and it's just great.


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The Bard's Tale.

I never played it back in the day and took a shot since it's so cheap. I have enjoyed the first few hours I have played.

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Pre-ordered Uncharted:The Lost Legacy a couple of days ago after the Eurogamer review


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Laid in a pre-order for Uncharted The Lost Legacy just now. Looking forward to playing this one!

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy



I bought a retail copy of The Last Guardian and downloaded the Limbo+Inside bundle few days ago. Too many emotions for just € 30!

Praise the Sun, and Mario too.


Wolfenstein The New Order for £3.99. I'm currently on chapter 6 and loving it so much. FPS games are one of my least favourite genres but I haven't enjoyed one this good since Half Life. Very interesting story, likeable characters and good humour.



i just brought Fallout 4, a bit of an old game but it was cheap so i thought why not

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Nier: Automata and Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Nier came on Saturday so I've got a few hours in on that. Currently waiting on Uncharted to be delivered. Says there was a delay in the delivery but that it SHOULD be here sometime before 8pm (it is 6pm for me as I write this). Anyways, I'm going to have trouble deciding which game to play during my free time at night!

Update: it did NOT get delivered today 😞 even though Amazon said it would..sigh

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Uncharted: Lost Legacy...

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Uncharted Lost Legacy had me bored after 10 minutes. By the 4th chapter i felt like I'd had enough and turned it off. First Naughty Dog game to do that. Maybe I'll slog through the rest of it, maybe not.


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