Topic: Why are there no PS4 rts games?

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I recently purchased a PS4 and was surprised at the lack of variety when it came to strategy games.
I used to play Starcraft 2 and the old Warcraft games when I was younger and was considerably disappointed there wasn’t big name titles like them on PS4.
I used to own a Xbox when I was younger that had a game Universe at War that was well adapted to the console for RTS, so I’m just curious as to why there isn’t something similar or in the works for PS4?
Is there no selling point for these types of games now?



Because RTS games are more preferable to play on PC thanks to mouse and keyboard controls. And seeing how popular the PC market has become during the past decade, the demand has diminished for RTS on console while it has on the contrary increased on PC. The only recent RTS on console that I can think of is Halo Wars 2 and I don't think that game did well on XB1 at all.



For one thing RTS games were never big on game consoles they have been more a PC thing mainly due to PC having more buttons and such the multiplayer aspect.

However even now RTS games have been declining due to MOBA's now.

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There are a few but as others have said, people don't want to play them on consoles and they have sort of gotten more complicated. I know the Xbox 1 has Halo Wars and I have heard is well optimised for console.

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I'd buy Command and Conquer Red Alert even as a straight port. That game was so good.



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