Topic: whats the best theme for the PS4?

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Dat Anniversary one.

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still loving my FFVII Theme

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The Division - Dark Zone. Would be cool if they added "Agent we are close to your position" or "Prepare for extraction" as heard in Dark Zone


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I got the World of Final Fantasy theme, love it and also the music. It is pretty refreshing.



I love the life is strange theme, I've been using it for months now ever since I played the game, and it's just beautiful



I like my Overwatch tracer theme and the Gravity Rush theme personally.


X-Com 2 Preorder Theme, BY FAR the best.

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Well, i'm still waiting for a personal custom theme feature here...
Jokes aside, i prefer my theme to be as dark & simple as possible like that staring black cat theme which i forgot the name. Dunno if that's the best theme for some people tho.

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Gravity Rush is my favorite. Such a lovely, peaceful song....
But if I'm going to play something scary then the 20th anniversary Resident Evil theme does a good job setting the mood.

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I personally have to go with the FF7 theme that came with the steam port version of the game, but that's biased since it's my favorite game.

The twentieth anniversary one intrigues me though, I never actually heard about it until I read about it here. I'll have to mess with themes some more, I have a Destiny and the FF7 one but otherwise haven't really bothered with them.



Currently, using 3-on-3 Freestyle theme. Not my favorite looking theme but at least its got an upbeat and catchy song to listen to.

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I work for a company that makes and designs themes for the sony PS4 system. If anyone has any ideas, or requests for themes they would like to see. Or if there is something you think, companies should change or not do to themes, then let us know, we value all opinions and would be happy to hear from you. Check out our website at
and send us an e-mail. In the subject line just put "For Houston" that way I will get it.



There's a really neat Rez Infinite free theme available on the EU store. Don't know if it's available elsewhere.




i still have the Final Fantasy VII theme active, listening to the piano version of Aerith's Theme can be so relaxing at times

"This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!"

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I love the Persona 5 Theme which I currently have, as well as the free one for Paragon and Journey.
Im hoping that a FF15 and World of FF Theme will be released here in Europe - most awesome themes are for preorder only and somehow never get to be sold on the Store

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I've given up on themes because they never get updated.

I loved a couple of the Uncharted 4 ones, but then they release a firmware update with new icons and it basically ruins the whole thing. So I stick with system backgrounds.

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I tend to switch mind up every couple of months or so. The other day I went back to the 20th aaniversary Playstation theme after having the Neverwinter Tiamat theme for awhile.

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I just changed to the free pacman one its good and has plenty of sounds


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