Topic: What Are Some of The Best Free To Play Games on This Generation of Home Consoles?

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What are your personal favorites and why? Let the discussion begin.

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I've tried a few F2P games this gen and i really don't like them! The main gameplay loop I find boring and you have to grind loads to get to the good stuff.

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I think the best FTP game I've ever tried is Warframe.

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I tried Brawlhallah on Steam it is fun and on Steam you can even play it solo, I don't know if you can on PS4 too but I think so probably

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I think Gwent is underrated. It's a better card game than most out there and it's very fair for a free game. It's quite easy to get a decent colletion, the dailies are great and the promise of a campaign is going to reel me back in a few months from now.



I played Warframe a lot when the PS4 first game out due to the lack of games and eagerness for my new system. I’ve heard it’s improved a lot since then, but I don’t have much interest in going back. Solid game though.

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I played probably 50 hours of World of Tanks (Xbox 360 version) before I spent any money on it.

As well as being a decent game I found it to be a really fair set up. Even without spending anything I never felt at a disadvantage to other players.

The grind only really comes into play at the later tiers and even then you can just carry on plugging away if you want.

Probably spent 200 hours on it in then end. Not tried the PS4 version as it would mean starting from scratch but I assume it’s a similar experience.



I don't play many f2P games but of the ones I played these are my favorites

Heroes of the Storm (PC) Blizzards take on the MOBA genre. It plays alot like League of Legends or DotA (which is ironiy since DotA came from the Warcraft III map editior) but it uses Blizzards characters. A large variety of characters from games such as Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and even Lost Vikings. If you are curious about MOBAs or just a Blizzard fan, this is a good game and one can easily have fun for hours on it.

Hearthstone (PC, iOS, Droid) Another Blizzard game this one is a card game something similar to Magic the Gathering or other card games like that. It's set in the Warcraft universe you take control of a character and you get a set of cards containing creatures which you can attack your opponent with. Of course like any card game there's a strategy behind it. You can play against the CPU, and against other players as well. Also you can use the same account on PC, and mobile which is nice since you don't have to start over on different devices.

Neverwinter (PC, PS4, Xbox One) This one is an MMORPG set in the world of the Forgotten Relams campaign setting of Dungeons and Dragons. I enjoy this game alot and while it's not WoW it scratches that itch nicelly when I get that itch to play WoW. It's totally free you get all the classes, races ets right off the bat. My only complaint is it uses the 4th edition D&D rule set which I am not familiar with.

So I will just leave it at my top 3 for now since I don't play too many f2P games.

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If you're a Trekkie and can forgive on-foot action that's akin to playing Whack-A-Mole, then at the risk of sounding like a broken record around here, Star Trek Online is very decent... simply because it's VAST and pretty much everything can be attained for free, if you're patient enough. It has incredible depth if you like depth, or you can just run around making your starship and uniform look pretty, and there's a sweeping storyline across dozens of episodes and hundreds of missions. It's always being updated, too, with a new playable race and episode coming later in the year. All free.

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Fortnite is always a good time, there was this one game called Blacklight: Retribution that was fun, but I remember the servers being down a lot.

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