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Did they change the policy for Uncharted 4 Season Pass holders with regard to the bonuses with The Lost Legacy?

As I understood it, if you had the Season Pass, you got The Lost Legacy only. But if you pre-ordered the stand-alone version of Lost Legacy, you got the dynamic theme and Jak & Daxter.

Well, I have the U4 Season Pass, and when I hit the button on the store yesterday to download, it gave me links for all three.


(a) Did they change the policy without announcing it?
(b) Did they announce the change and I missed it?
(c) Did someone at PlayStation EU cock up?

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Yh I thought there was a mess up too. People that purchased the triple/mega pack weren't entitled to any preorder bonuses. There was an official statement too.

Yet my PS4 downloaded Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Not that I'm complaining .

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I had the season pass also, didn't get Jak & Daxter but did get the theme. Ended up with J&D as well though because I decided I wanted a physical copy of The Lost Legacy to add to my collection of all the other Uncharted games on my shelf.



I still might buy a physical copy as well, as I have all the previous games on disc.

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