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@mookysam That's why I made two lists. Too many great games on the system that I played elsewhere (Vita/Switch, primarily, as I'll always be a handheld gamer at heart).

DRV3 was a tough sell at first, but the late game trials, utterly audacious ending, and the metric ton of unique post-game content really won me over.


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Wow a blast from the past.

Top 5 PS4 Games

1) Rocket League
2) Yakuza Zero
3) Astrobot
4) Rogue Legacy
5) Horizon Zero Dawn

Leaving out Statik, MGS 5 and Resogun was a hard call.

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Really awkward.

1) Witcher 3
2) Infamous Second Son
3) Until Dawn
4) Detroit Become Human
5) Dragon Quest XI

Sorry Ghost Recon Wildlands, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Tomb Raider and others.



1) Witcher 3
2) God of War
3) Yakuza 0
4) Bloodborne
5) XCOM2

Honourable mentions to DOOM, Monster Hunter World, RDR2, Spiderman

XCOM2 my left field choice as I love the game and it’s one of the only games I’ve gone back to play again. Plus, the War of the Chosen DLC is so comprehensive it’s like playing XCOM 2.5. The only comparison I could make would be how radically the DLC for Civilisation 5 is in how it completely rewrites the game for the better.

The top 3 all have such fantastic stories that really stayed with me and TW3 has some of the best DLC of all time; both pieces being better than most full games.

And Bloodborne is just great. I still don’t know whether I actually enjoy the Souls games but I definitely loved BB.



@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Yes, thank you for your take on the From games. It pretty much goes in line with what several DS fans have told me here on the forums. As much as I’d like to try them all (and I did try DS1 back in the day and just didn’t have the patience at the time to make it very far) so I can get the full effect, I’m considering just jumping to DS3 as my next From game, unless Sekiro price really drops quickly or BB2 comes out soon (fat chance). But thanks for your thoughts. It’s interesting to read everyone’s ideas on these games and it motivates me.
Speaking of, if you do decide to try NieR Automata, there is a thread for the game that you should post your thoughts on because it is one of those games, like the From games, that is definitely enhanced by talking about it with other fans. The story is so mind bending and the presentation is so unique, and so it’s fun to read and discuss theories about it.

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@Th3solution Hmmmm I'm not sure if I agree that the combat in DS3 is closer to BB than the previous DS games. Not played either for a while, so it is hard to say for definite. I think you will be fine with DS Remastered.

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I'm just going to include games that I've actually played on PS4, so the list will be missing excellent games I've played elsewhere such as Zero Escape, as well as other great games that I haven't played yet.

1) Nier Automata
2) Persona 5
3) Monster Hunter World
4) Horizon Zero Dawn
5) Crash Bandicoot 1

It's going to be very hard for any other game to come and replace the top two. Nier Automata and Persona 5 aren't perfect, but it would be very tough for me to enjoy a game even more than I enjoyed those two. As I'm still playing Persona 5 (getting very close to the end for real now ... probably), there's still for it to overtake Nier Automata and reach the top spot.


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