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Aww thanks @Kidfried !

It was actually rather hard to do a top 5 of games out this gen... as I've got more ports of stuff from the previous gen thanks to my PS3 acting up.

Not to mention a decent amount of PS2 classics for like £2/£3! 😂

I do have and like Bloodborne. For a top 5 though I went for games that have stayed with me fondly in my thoughts.

Sad to say it hadn't stick with me as much as I thought it might ... Especially considering it was my first PS4 game!

Also your profile picture is adorable, completely off topic... but it's cute, just wanted to say 😄

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Funny you mention Bloodborne didn't stick with you as much. I still remember every dumb detail about that game, from enemy placement to its lore. It's why over the course of this year it actually has grown out to become pretty much my favorite game on the platform.

That being said, I have played neither Dark Souls 2 nor 3.

Also, I played a lot of ports too from earlier gens too. During last generation I experienced many moments in which I felt burned out on video games, so I had quite some catching up to do.



@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Thank you! It's Aoi Asahina from Danganronpa, by the way.

She and I share quite a few character traits (she's the character from the first game I feel I can relate to the most), but she cares way less about what other people think than I do - that's something I'm quite jealous of.

This would all have been on topic, had I chosen to include that game in my Top 5, but even though I enjoyed my time with it, it doesn't come close to these other games.

Oh, and of course it's more of a Vita game than a PS4 game of course.

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Favorite games available on the PS4 (I've played most of these on other systems):
1) Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
2) Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
3) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
4) NieR: Automata
5) Tetris Effect

Favorite games I've played on PS4
1) NieR: Automata
2) Tetris Effect
3) Persona 5
4) Ratchet and Clank
5) Rayman Legends


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I actully remember most of Bloodborne to be honest @Kidfried . Maybe not enemy placements level of memory, but I can probably picture most, if not all the areas in the base game fairly well and the bosses... I just don't think of Bloodborne as fondly as the other games on my list (Similar to you and Danganronpa)

If you've played Dark Souls and enjoyed it, then I'd easily recommend DS3... it IS at the tippy top of my list after all! A wonderful send off to the series... and I haven't even got the dlc!

Dark Souls 2 I would consider the black sheep of the series like most do... The original PS3 version took me forever to get into and I thought it was a little lackluster overall.

Retrying it through the PS4 version I did end up enjoying it much more however so take that as you will!

and cool! Never played any of the series! ... or know anything about it in the slightest! But it's always nice to find something or someone you can relate to! 😄

And cool list @Ralizah ! Nier Automata is another game on my list that I have yet to get...

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You don't need to save the world to find meaning in life. Sometimes all you need is something simple, like someone to take care of - Aigis, Persona 3

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1) God of War
2) Horizon
3) Towerfall
4) Driveclub
5) Division 2



@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy It's a weird, unbalanced, emotionally raw, wildly creative, and deeply flawed experience that I'd recommend to almost anyone who is willing to subject themselves to often unconventional game design. I played it last year, but I kind of regret not picking it up at launch in 2017 so I could get that gorgeous digital preorder theme.

There's a ton of these PS4 exclusives I still need to get around to eventually. I can't believe I still haven't played The Last Guardian.

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Ace Combat 7
WipEout: Omega Collection

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Monster Hunter: World
Uncharted 4
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Persona 5
Dragon Quest XI

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WanderingBullet wrote:

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Mah man!

That's very much a top ten game for me this gen. Good to see it get some appreciation on here.


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@Kidfried Have you completed RDR2 yet?

@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy What is it that elevated DS3 over BB in your mind? I haven’t played DS3 yet. I hear it’s the closest DS game to BB as far as combat being a little more action oriented and faster paced. Is it the setting that you prefer or the gameplay?

And yeah, as @Ralizah says, NieR Automata is a sublime experience and I envy being able to experience it for the first time.

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@Th3solution NieR: Automata is the Ghost in the Shell game I never realized I needed in my life.


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God of war
Division 2



I guess a bit of both @Th3solution

I do enjoy a good fantasy medieval type setting and there's one location in particular that took my breath away in DS III (It'll be a fairly obvious guess to anyone who's played it)

Plus as much as I enjoyed Bloodborne (I do, it'd definitely be top ten) there's the nice amount of weapons to choose from compared to the small but refined pool in Bloodborne (even armour looks a touch samey for the most part in BB... though you could say the same to DS3).

The new skill arts feature is nice (all weapons have special moves/effects you can activate with your FP (magic) bar)

There's also the Miracles/Sorceries/Pyromamcies to use as well, which made sense in that BB didn't really have anything like it except the items (which I found a bit pointless) but it was a bit disappointing still that there weren't as many options for attacking.

Plus the fact it's a nice send off for the dark souls series as a whole. Some things might not impact you as much if you haven't played DS1... But there is some terrific fights none the less and some wonderful music!

... And yes the gameplay is faster overall... Though to be honest I always played dark souls more like how you're supposed to play BB... even demon's in fact 😂

And I'll have to put Nier closer to the top of my list of games to get then it seems!! Thanks @Ralizah and @Th3solution

And nice list @redd214 ! Only played Horizon from yours however but I can agree in it being top notch!

You don't need to save the world to find meaning in life. Sometimes all you need is something simple, like someone to take care of - Aigis, Persona 3

"No cost too great. No mind to think. No will to break. No voice to cry suffering" - Hollow Knight


I doubt much has changed on mine but..

God of War
Everybody’s Gone to the rapture
Hyper Light Drifter
AstroBot Rescue

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God of War
Astro Bot Rescue Mission
The Witness
The Witcher 3
The Last Guardian

Remakes/remasters excluded. Otherwise The Last of Us and Shadow of the Colossus would be in there somewhere.



I'd totally forgotten about this topic. Yeah, my list has definitely changed recently.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn
2. Hitman 2 (2018)
3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
4. Batman: Arkham Knight
5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Apologies to previous (yet still awesome) games, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Lara Croft Go. Actually, I replayed Uncharted 4 last year and my opinion of it has severely degraded, to the point where I've actively delayed replaying The Lost Legacy until I can be certain I'll enjoy it.

Hitman 2 is the obvious new entry. Despite the annoying "must always be online" element, it's just too perfect to ignore. Including all of the previous game's locations was a stroke of genius and with more levels set to come throughout the year, I've really felt part of its continual growth and evolution (something I never thought I'd say, or enjoy saying, because I tend not to like all this "games as a service" nonsense; I think because IO Interactive are actually quite generous with what's free and what's blocked by the Season Pass, it doesn't make me feel dirty to admit it).

Another thing I never thought I'd say is that a fantasy RPG is in my top five, but welcome to Dragon Age: Inquisition all the same. And I haven't even finished it yet.

If the DLCs turn out to be good, Shadow of the Tomb Raider might be a very close sixth.

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God of War
Horizon Zero Dawn
The Witcher 3
The Last Guardian

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A couple of recent games have entered my top 5, knocking out Assassin's Creed Origins and Fallout 4. I decided to keep God of War in my top 5, despite originally placing it lower than those two.

1. Persona 5
2. Nier Automata
3. Dragon Quest XI
4. Kingdom Hearts 3
5. God of War

At this point I don't think anything will knock Persona or Nier Automata off their lofty perches.

I've spoken before of my love for Dragon Quest XI. The traditional turn-based battle system was instantly comforting, and I really appreciated the numerous quality of life enhancements that also made it feel very fresh and modern. The story and characters made this a top tier RPG for me. Wonderful voice acting and localisation were the icing on the cake.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was another rather comforting game. I'd also waited a long time for it, and it didn't disappoint. Gorgeous and fun to play, with mostly impressively designed levels. The battle system is perhaps Kingdom Hearts at its very best, and I enjoyed the gummi sections a lot, too. The story wasn't entirely satisfying as the ending seemed to set up the next game in the series more than end the tale of the original saga. That aside, it's a worthy addition to my top 5.

@Ralizah If I'd played Danganronpa V3 on the PS4 it would easily be in my top 5. Such a great game!

@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy I'll add to the voices recommending Nier Automata. It's sublime!


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