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Okay, last time i posted about the biggest jumps in the game but I made the mistake of googling "the crew 2 forum" and thought this was a crew 2 forum. My mistake.

Now that it's clear I'm talking about the crew 2, can someone tell me the location of the biggest jumps in the game? I'm trying to do the 100m bike jump trophy. A picture of the map would be very helpful if possible.

If I forgot to write anything I apologize.

Thanks a lot for the help guys!



Haha I admire your tenacity bud. I haven’t heard anyone discussing the Crew 2 really on this forum, so I don’t know if you’ll get help with your specific question. Good luck though.

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@BO-DACIOUS You were told in the last thread you made where to go. Clearly you feel like you don't need to follow the rules here. I am afraid you will have to go elsewhere since that seems to be the case.

Also you didn't Google anything if you Google Crew 2 forums the first thing that pops up is The Crew 2 Forums. Pushsquare doesn't even come up.

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