Topic: Should I buy a PS4 Original, Slim or a Pro?

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Important details:

  1. My TV is HD (720p) and I don't have any plans to buy a new one in the imediate future.
  2. I plan to purchase physical games, except for indies (digital only most of the time).
  3. I live in Brazil, so the prices are quite different from US and UK, these are the minimum prices I found:
    Original 500GB = $ 443 - Original 1TB = $ 568
    Slim 500GB = $ 446 - Slim 1TB = $ 834
    Pro 1TB = $ 868

P.S: You can easily notice why I'm only buying a PS4 now, it used to cost about $ 1400.


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The best bang for your buck would have to be the original 1 TB version. But if you're only thinking about buying the PS4 once and not upgrading in the future, then PS4 Pro would have to be the best option. I can imagine PS4 Pro becoming the standard in the future so newer games will probably run worse on the original PS4 compared to the Pro model and so I would strongly suggest getting Pro so that technical issues don't hinder your enjoyment of the games.

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@RenanKJ: 1400 BRL or USD? Cause that's a huge difference. 1400 BRL is about 430 USD, close to the US launch price of the PS4 ($400).



Slim 500GB is the winner there imho. From what ur saying you wont need 1TB HDD but for $3 more you getting the newer updated system. I also hear the slim is virtually silent (well compared to the original jet engine one.)

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As far as looks go I prefer the look of the original PS4 the slim and pro models just look like a stack of Legos to me, but that's beside the point.

If you plan on getting physical games only then I cannot stress the point of getting a 1 or 2 TB harddrive model, unless of course you are comfortable swapping out a 500 GB HD for a large one down the road. Even physical copies have to be installed on the harddrive to play them. Not sure which games you are looking at getting physically but keep in mind games like GTA V, Diablo III etc are huge games to begin with add a few years of updates and patches and you darn well have a 500 gb full with only two games. And trust me on this deleting and reinstalling games are not fun at all especially if you live somewhere and have a slow or poor internet connection.

As I said trust me get yourself a 1 TB or higher model you will thank me later.

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@get2sammyb @TomKongPhooey I was leaning towards the Slim 500GB, just unsure if it was better or worse than the original - in appearance and cooling fans (I was worried it might get too hot if played for too long), but since you're saying it's more silent and beautiful, I guess I'm going with it. =)

@KratosMD @Tasuki I don't mind upgrading in the future; the price will be a lot better in a few years and hopefully I'll be working right after I graduate in a couple years. Also, I'm not sure I'll actually notice the improvements in Pro using my current TV... In terms of 1TB, it's a good point that 500GB might not be enough even for physical games. However, two games requiring 500GB is a little too much for this generation, hehe, you don't have that on PC with improved textures and all and I'm pretty sure we're not gonna have that on PS4 anytime soon. If it comes to a point where 500GB isn't enough, though, does PS4 accepts any harddrive or does it requires a specific model designed by Sony for PS4? Btw, I really think Sony should find a way to keep game patches in the system when the games are uninstalled, so you don't have to download them all again when reinstalling.

@Octane It was 1400 USD, more than 3x the price in the US, unfortunately.

Thanks for the help, everyone!! =D

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@RenanKJ: I do know it can't be an external hard drive as those won't work with the PS4. As far as internal I am not sure if it has to be a certain brand.

As for two games taking up all the space in a 500 gb Hardrive keep in mind the following

Any OS udates, patches etc take up space on the hard drive
Any pictures, video clips take up space including trailers, themes etc.
Apps take up space
Game save files sometimes multiple ones take up space this also includes PS Now save files if you use that.
Games that have alot of patches, updates, DLC etc. Take up more space then the base game.
Movies that you buy through PSN

As it is with a 500 gb I only have the following physical games installed CoD Black Ops 3 (along with all the DLC), CoD Moder Warfare Remastered, Overwatch, Fallout 4 and Lego Dimensions. On top of that I have Diablo 3 (digitally) and a few indie games and I am at full capacity. And there are still a bunch of physical games I own that I am not playing now but had to uninstall to make room for games I do play.

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If you are going to upgrade the Hard Drive I highly recommend going for 2 TB. It will cost a little more but it's well worth it.

Both physical and digital take up the same amount of space so going physical isn't saving you any room. I mean physical makes it easier to delete and reinstall but it's still a pain.

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I'm strongly considering buying a PS4 Slim. I feel my current (launch) PS4 is nearing the end of its lifespan. I'd get a pro but I'm not going to fork out money and not get the best out of it. So yeah, I'm strongly considering getting a pro.

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Agree with the 1TB version. When my original PS4 gives up the ghost then I'm likely to go for the Pro as a replacement as I'm sure my TV will go through same way and the prices for a 4K will probably be easier on the wallet.

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Slim is perfect if you just want the odd game and a casual sort of gamer, but Pro is the best if you can afford it and this is coming for 1080p tv owner.

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Don't buy the original (500GB or 1TB). There are a lot of them with fan problems, being really loud. You're better off buying a Slim with a separate 1TB HDD.

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@RenanKJ: Hello, there! Fellow brazilian gamer here. Recently I went through the same question and I ended up getting the PS4 Slim, on Shoptime. It came with Uncharted 4.
I have installed Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush Remastered, Street Fighter V, The Order 1886, Tearaway Unfolded, Dragon Quest Heroes, Driveclub, Bloodborne, Infamous: Second Son, Ratchet & Clank, Journey, Velocity 2X and Sound Shapes. I still have some room, but I couldn't install Until Dawn, for example.
My tv is 1080p, and the games look pretty good.


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Slim model, my fat PS4 is making so much noise that it sounds like my vacuum cleaner. xD

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I would say the Slim is probably your best bet right now. If you can afford to replace or buy a bigger HDD version, go for that as 500GB gets very small very quickly.

There are some caveats to that though, It really depends on where you see your future going. The PS4 Pro is certainly more 'future' proof so if you do upgrade to 1080p or 4k screen, you will get more visual benefits and of course the Pro has more games at over 30fps which can be better regardless of your screens resolution. Even if you only upgrade to a 1080p TV, the benefits of the Pro should be noticeable and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more and more games failing to reach 1080p on the base PS4 but will be at least 1080p on the Pro. With a 720p TV, you are always likely to get a downsampled image on either console. Maybe in 2-3 years, we could see a 720p game on the PS4.

I know you said you don't intend to upgrade in the near future but if you have any plans to upgrade at all during the time you own and game on a PS4, then it maybe worth considering the Pro. However with your current set-up and the current line-up of games and they way they look/play, the Slim is the most obvious choice. In a year, though, that choice may not be so clear cut - even with a 720p TV as the Pro could offer more games that run at more consistent or even higher frame rates for a smoother or even better gaming experience regardless of visual differences - games like Tomb Raider and Infamous offer (upto) 60fps options but only 30fps on base PS4. I doubt these will be the only games where this option is available.

To summarise, if buying for 'now' get a PS4 Slim. If you are looking to the future and likely to keep the PS4 as a primary console for many years, get the Pro. Get (or replace) the highest HDD you can afford too....

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I got a Slim and it's great. It's not that much smaller, but it is newer, quieter, and cooler (temp wise)

My old PS4 used to make my TV stand hot to the touch

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As other posters mention, id base it on what you think could happen later. I bought a 4k tv a couple of years ago, thinking it was pointless.....paying off dividends now (although no hdr). but, had i bought a 1080p then, id be in the market now for another tv. Go pro. Then, if you end up getting a new TV, you should be fine a while longer. Ill be honest, seeing skyrim in 4k was like ps2 to ps3 in hd for was a beautiful moment. Pay a bit more for pro, youll get benefits now and if you get a new tv in the next couple of years, youll be glad you did



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