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My subscription needs renewing and it’s £50 for the year. I can get a pass online for £35 but will that be classed as a new subscription and I’ll lose all my free monthly games I’ve ‘purchased’?

I’m curious as when I go to buy it through the PS Store it says ‘extend’ but buying a pass online might not still be an extension?

Any help appreciated!



@Alpine021 Plus, you can buy your “renewal” at any point and it’ll add on to your current subscription. So if you see a good deal for 12 months, you can buy it and it’ll activate when your current subscription would expire.



Thanks both. It’s the fact that it’s already expired that’s worrying me... has anyone actually had it expire then bought a pass online and still kept their games?



@Alpine021 If you go to, you can buy a 'code' to renew your PS+ subscription. They will send you an email that you can click to open up the code. You can then go to the PSN store and redeem that code - you can do this via the console or via a PC/Tablet. Redeem the code and extend your subscription. The advantage of using CDKeys is that their price is less than £50 (Its currently £35) and, if you like them on Facebook, you can save an extra 5% too - I also use CDKeys to top up my Wallet too. A £50 digital game can cost £45 if you buy a '£50' top up on CDKeys. I tend to get my email with the link to the codes within a minute.

Its NO different to topping up through PSN - just a bit cheaper when you buy from a 3rd Party. You still get exactly the same benefits regardless of whether you buy from Sony or CDKeys...

As soon as you renew, you get access to ALL the games you were able to add under your old Subscription. They are only 'locked' when your PS+ runs out and as soon as you renew, they become unlocked for the duration of your 'new' subscription - unless you renew or extend before it runs out.

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@Alpine021 it doesn't matter if it expires. As soon as you activate any other PS+ subscription it just starts up again and you can access everything you already had before.

Apart from occasionally through the Store, I don't think there are any new member only offers for PS+ that are blocked for anyone that's had a sub before.



@Alpine021 I always let me PS+ subscription expire and then take a couple of weeks before I renew it. As soon as you renew it (either from the store or buying a voucher code from somewhere else) you'll have access to all the games you had before, as well as any uploaded saves




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