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I've just bought a ps4 slim 1tb
And it runs fine on my cousin's hdtv
But for 2 weeks I'm stuck with 2 old SDTV's, I've also bought a hdmi to av converter which also works fine with everything else I plug it into, but ofc not with my Ps4. I've tried going in safe mode but it still doesn't work. I've even tried to set it up to auto/480p but no response from the TV.



Tasuki wrote:

Might as well.just wait the 2 weeks and get yourself an HD TV.




@kalqga Sounds like it's an issue with the old television or the adaptor, rather than your PS4. It should (although I stress, that's should) be okay if you've managed to get in and set it to 480p. It could simply be that it's too new a device for the rest of the equipment; after all, it was designed to always broadcast / transmit in HD.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but at least you know that your console isn't faulty.

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@RogerRoger thank you
I will test the setup with a different TV today, strangely the adapter works when I plug in my laptop, but sadly doesn't with the ps4
I think I should also try to check some settings on the Ps4



It'll be the HDCP blocking the adapter I'd say.

Go in to settings and turn the HDCP off, but I'm not sure if it'll let you play games while it is switched off.

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