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@Elodin The game was on sale during Black Friday for €25 here. So I'd definitely say wait for a better sale.

As for the game, I was also quite interested in it during BF since it looks like a unique type of RPG that really focuses on realistic depictions. The game has indeed some issues, but I think at a cheaper price it seems worth getting.

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@KratosMD It was cheaper here too on BF, but I had other gifts to prioritize that day. I was very tempted though. I think I will wait for a better sale. Thanks for the advice.



@Elodin I also have targeted KCD for a possible purchase at some point and it does seem like the price is teetering now, so I have decided to wait as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it for $30 at retail, base price within a couple months, and probably settle in at $20 maybe by mid year. Just a wild guess on my part though.
I have seen the game garner some votes in the GOTY poll so it must be at least decent.

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So while I think I'll pass for now on KCD, thanks to @Th3solution and @KratosMD, I started looking at Dead Cells for $20. Anyone recommend that game? Im right on the edge of buying it. I'm thinking of holding off for another game sale on psn in the coming days. I'm targeting $20 TO $30 price range for God of War, KCD, or Nier. Or waiting for Red Dead redemption 2 or Spiderman at $40. Im only allowing myself one game before xmas so... should I gamble and hold off on Dead Cells hoping one these other games will be on sale. Or is Dead Cells to good to pass up on?

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@Elodin I'm not familiar with the US PlayStation Store but the EU one has constantly good deals on these games you mention. Right now God of War is 30 euro and I've seen both Nier and Kingdom Come for sub-30 prices too.

Don't expect a price drop on Red Dead Redemption 2 soon, though. Rockstar is a bit like Nintendo with their pricing.

Anyway, looking at PS Prices for USA... you've missed out on some deals already. Around two-three weeks ago: Spider Man for 40, God of War for 25, Nier for 30. Those are some Black Friday deals.

I think Dead Cells is great and will be well worth the money. But it probably won't keep you occupied into the new year, and the deal isn't that smashing, so if you're looking for something meaty I'd wait.

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@Elodin Dead Cells was utterly addictive for me with its gameplay and feeling that you can get that little bit further next time. As @Kidfried says though, if you’re trying to be cautious with your cash, it seems a little steep compared to some of the other offers you’re hoping for.

If it’s that or nothing though, I’d say go for it!



@Elodin I'm also waiting for dead cells sale, and after paying 12 for hollow knight, whxjh released later and had even bigger sale, I have no intention paying 20 for dead cells. That's too steep for me, but I can't wait for a good sale to get that game.



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