Topic: Playstation 4 not blocking used games.

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Only if microsoftwoulddo the same



Kfuc microsoft and gamestop and EA and their back alley deals. Those three were planning this all along.

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@dehorror1975 How does Gamestop benefit from Microsoft making used games less attractive?

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@DeHorror1975 Gamestop makes a lot of money from used games, they wouldn't want any form of used games blocking to come in place. They would fight MC and EA to not block used games if anything.



I read an article that was showing Gamestop having meetings with microsoft prior to the reveal that was all about how Gamestop would get their cut of the resell on a registered game in the cloud. This is consistent with that idiot Gamestop CEO proclaiming that the next Xbox was "compelling."

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Now looking back I can't find the article to link it, but it may have been that the writer implied that Gamestop was in on these talks. The article was all about how the used games would be handled with Gamestop and those retailers who were "registered or connected" to the cloud.

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I dont know with the recent news that PS4 may follow MS in DRM it has me worried about this gen consoles

As someone who rents alot of games through GameFly and buys alot of used games due to my budget I will be watching this factor very carefully and this factor alone could be the deciding factor as to which system I go with.

But lets not foget we have months till the systems are releases so by that time this all could change.

Then again if it doesn't I guess I will just be sticking with my Wii U then.

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