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I don't know why the OT for this gane is locked. Frankly I stopped caring for the answers to those kind of questions really, so I'll just make a new one.

Anyway, Nioh.

I was so excited about this game when I first got it and playing the first few levels. Sure, there was some frustration on dying, as it goes with a Soulsborne game.

But lately I've been wondering if this game isn't just bad. Most of the difficulty is built around cheap design. You falling from platforms, that were specifically designed to trick you into falling from it, and the placement of one hit kill monsters around corners every time.

It just cheapens the experience for me. Have others experienced the same? And if so, can you give me some encouragement to push on.

Really want to finish this game, and hope Im able to relight my interest in this game somewhat!

I'm now at the dock kind of level, the one after the mine!



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