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-Resident Evil 2
-Devil May Cry 5
-Tales of Vesperia Remastered
-Doom Eternal
-The Outer Worlds
-Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
-Concrete Genie


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I’ve got KH3, DMC5, and Sekriko: Two Shadows pre-ordered.
If GoT comes out I’ll getting that day one.
Dreams look interesting, but not a day one, same with Resi 2, The Outer Worlds.
Death Stranding also has me interest.
And maybe to Code: Vein.

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Death Stranding
Cyberpunk 2077
Days Gone
The Last of Us Part II
Ghost of Tsushima
Manifold Garden
Babylon's Fall (no trailer yet, but it's on my radar)

If a game doesn't come out next year, I'll put it on next year's list.



There are some games that are high on my most wanted list but I'm still not sure are 2019 so I'm leaving them off the list. For games we know are going to release these are the ones I'll get for sure...
Resident Evil 2 remake
Devil May Cry 5
Mortal Kombat 11
Kingdom Hearts 3
MLB The Show 19
Days Gone
Crash Team Racing

REmake 2 is easily my most anticipated game right now (even ahead of TLoU 2, Cyberpunk and Ghost of Tsushima) as the original still holds a place in my top 5 all-time favorite games.



@Gamer83 Judgement is a good call. Hope it gets localized before 'the new year's (feels so strange to say that on Jan 3)



Shenmue III and Sekiro are the big ones for me this year.

I've got a wary eye on Streets of Rage 4, and I might be tempted by Crash Team Racing or Medievil if the nostalgia pull gets too hard to resist.

Oh yeah and the Resi 2 remake, although it might be late in the year when I get around to that one.

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Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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Plenty of titles I'm interested in but I'm not seeing anything I absolutely, unequivocally have got to play.

At the top of my interest is probably Ghost of Tsushima largely because of Sucker Punch. Hopefully it comes out in 2019.



I'm more or less ready for PS5 now, some good games on the horizon but sort of had that treading water feeling recently! I want a new black box!


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AC7, Anthem, Dirt Rally 2,Division 2, Rage 2 are all day 1s for me. None of the big exclusives we know about are really exciting to me (outside of Ghosts). I keep holding out hope that Sony will develop a Gran Turismo "Horizon" type of game but that's a wish more than anything else. Still think it's going to be another great year overall though!



Saw a trailer for Metro Exodus yesterday and I have to say, it looks phenomenal. It's moved up my priority list dramatically. I loved the original but felt the second was weak so I need to temper my excitement.



Even though only some not entirely reliable sources state 2019, I can't wait for Doom Eternal.

If we're talking confirmed for 2019, then either Sekiro or CTR.



Definitely Kingdom Hearts III. It's the reason I bought a PS4 several years ago, TBH.


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So, reviving this thread. We're halfway the year, but there's still a lot coming out to look forward to

Let's make top 5 lists:
1 Death Stranding,
2 Control
3 Concrete Genie
4 Outer Worlds
5 Greedfall

The most surprising thing about this is, they're all new IP's. So that's really refreshing.

Then there's two remakes that I hope will do well, because they're from games I really cherish, but I don't expect much from them: Zelda and Medievil. I don't think they're near the Top 10 even.

Also interested to see what critics will say of Shenmue 3, Astral Chain and Man of Medan. Could really go both ways with these three.



@Kidfried I'm glad that you remembered this thread, I had actually completely forgotten about it!

I'm looking forward to so many games during the second half of 2019, but here are the top 5 that I'm most excited for:

1) Death Stranding
2) Trails of Cold Steel III
3) Control
4) Code Vein
5) Shenmue III

I'm also looking forward to Astral Chain, Spyro: Reignited Trilogy on Switch, Pokémon Sword & Shield and Luigi's Mansion 3 in terms of Switch titles.

@Kidfried Speaking of Man of Medan, I'm getting this feeling that it will turn out like another "Hidden Agenda" title where it showed a lot of potential in the beginning but ultimately fails to deliver. I really want to get it but I think I'll just wait instead, there are tons of games to play during that period anyway.

Have you heard about the game "Blair Witch"? Apparently it's made by the same developers as Layers of Fear and Observer and it's coming out around the same time as Man of Medan. I'm actually more interested in that game than Man of Medan, but sadly it's an Xbox One exclusive.

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I probably won’t buy 5 games at launch this year but the games I’m most interested to see are:

1. Death Stranding
2. Concrete Genie
3. Code Vein
4. Borderlands 3
5. Control

With a honorary mention of Greedfall.
Of these I’ll probably only get one or two at launch.

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Yeah, I'll admit to Concrete Genie being something that's on my radar now, thanks to that news article the other week showing off its Photo Mode. I won't rush to get it at launch, but if reviews are good then I'll keep it in mind for my calendar's next dry spell.

Otherwise, er... yeah. Team Sonic Racing has been and gone, and I'm still super-hyped for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order but that's kinda still it, really. A very, very quiet year for me.

Which I'm totally fine with, by the way!

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Doom Eternal is the only game I'm really excited for.

Code Vein and Greedfall I have a healthy interest in though, just waiting for reviews of them (Especialy Greedfall)

Borderlands 3 should be pretty good too!

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