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@Kidfried yea thats why I only buy full price:
Platform exclusives to support the developer like Horizon and Persona,
Some indies also to support developer like Pyre,
And multiplayer games which I know I will play for a long time with all DLCs like Destiny (regretted it though).

I replated UC4 twice, Bloodborne 4 times, The Last Us (lost count)

I can talk for hours about TLOU and Bloodborne
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@Th3solution maybe its because you found some earlier purchases were not worth it? I am learning to be patient with new releases, wait for reviews, deals and I always rent a game that hasn't convinced me

I can talk for hours about TLOU and Bloodborne
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@Kidfried Yes, I have an nice backlog that could keep me busy for a while. But yeah, Nier .... it’s great. Buy it. It’s one example of a game that I wasn’t planning to buy until late this year and I am loving it. So sometimes those unplanned purchases end up being the best ones. Like, I assume Spiderman or Red Dead is going to be my GOTY for 2018 and I am confident they will be awesome, but maybe it will be something completely under my radar that I’m not even planning to buy, like We Happy Few or Vampyr.

@Jorjk it’s hard to say if many of my purchases were not worth it this year because I haven’t played most of them yet. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed in some. I was definitely disappointed in some of last year’s day 1 purchases I made (NMS, Arkham Knight) But I think this year it’s my realization that I over-estimated my ability to play them all, so I overextended myself, mostly during sales. I’m going to be a little more restrained for that reason. I’ll probably limit my day 1 purchases to about 4 or 5 during the year. 🤞🏼

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Top 3 currently are probably -

Days Gone
Bloodborne 2*



There is zero chance whatsoever that The Last of Us part 2 comes out in 2018.

I would say Monster Hunter: World is my number one but RDR2 and God of War aren't far behind. It's going to be a heck of a year for gaming.

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@Th3solution and batman arkham knight is one of my favorite games 🤔

I can talk for hours about TLOU and Bloodborne
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The usual suspects for me, Red Dead, Ghost Of Tsuchima, God Of War, Monster Hunter World etc etc

But no doubt something will come out of nowhere and blow me away, that's the beauty of owning a PS4.

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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Ni no Kuni II for me I think. Never played the first one - the joys of not owning a PS3 - and I wanted to play it for years but never got the chance, so to get the chance to play NNK2, it's just going to be amazing!

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I'm mainly looking forward to these confirmed 2018 games. I'm not listing Ghost of Tsushima until we have an officially confirmed 2018 release window.

Darksiders III
God of War
Kingdom Hearts III
Marvel Spider-Man (Insomniac Project)
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The Avengers Project
The Last of Us: Part II

Code Vein
Days Gone
Detroit: Become Human
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory
Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Life is Strange 2
Lost Soul Aside
MegaMan 11
Monster Hunter World
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet


I'm adding Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link by Platinum Games to my list as well. Hopefully there's a Western release for it in 2018.

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Too many to name so I'll list my no. 1 for each system...
PS4 - Yakuza 6
Switch - Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
Xbox One - Crackdown 3



1. Yakuza 6
2. Yakuza Kiwami 2
3. Spider-Man
4. Ni No Kuni 2
5. Secret of Mana
6. Kingdom Hearts 3 (?)


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In no particular order:
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War
Code Vein (hopefully 2018)
Concrete Genie
Days Gone
Red Dead Redemption 2
Ghost of Tsushima
The next Battlefield
Detritus Become Human
Far Cry 5

Man that is a lot of gaming there.

And in 2019 we have got The Last Of Us Part 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Death Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077. I also reckon FF II Remake and Shenmue 3 will get pushed back.

Not strictly a release but I really want From to announce their next Souls-like game. Whether that be Bloodborne 2 or a new IP, just hurry up and announce something.



My 5 most wanted PS4 games. Going in for pre order;

Fist of the North star
Ghost of Tsushima
Sociable Soccer
Blood and Truth (psvr)

The big big game I want but reckon 2019 is more likely;

Death Stranding

Nice surprises I wouldnt say no to;

Gundam Warriors 4

Other console games Im excited for;

Crackdown x1
Underworld Ascendant PC

Games I previously wanted but probably wont buy in the end;

Ace combat (will make me ill in vr)
Monster Hunter (dont have the time to compete / play with friends)
Dynasty warriors 9 (Only gundam can pull me back as im burnt on the gameplay)

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@themcnoisy So true about Monster Hunter. I would love to play that game, but I just don't know where to find the time and the friends!

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@themcnoisy Just do what I usually do with games like MHW which is try not to buy or play other games. That's what I did back when I was playing games like FFXIV, Destiny, Toukiden Kiwami, Overwatch just to name a few.

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@Octane think it's scheduled but knowing Sony they will delay it to next year.



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