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Also, it says that it's still coming to Xbox One. I think there was speculation at one time that they were dropping an Xbox version and it would be PS4 exclusive?


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I seriously shrieked when they've shown both Toy Story and a 2018 release date! It made me sweat! My body feels so numb right now.

Also, didn't Nomura said that he wouldn't reveal a released date at the D23 Expo? I'm guessing so we wouldn't have our expectations too high.

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@ArkhamKnerd that was just a rumor. I think they cancelled the Xbox one version in Japan which made people think it would be cancelled here.



2018, people!! Apparently next year will be as awesome as this one in terms of gaming releases. Loved Toy Story as a world. I played a lot of Toy Story 2 on PS1, looking at that room in a game again brought nostalgia feelings, haha.

Now I need to play the series again before then, hopefully they'll show up in a digital sale soon.


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I recently got the collection for PS4, and good timing too, with III getting a confirmed year.

It's been 10 years since I played KH1, and it shows. I'm so used to how KH2 handles that it feels weird going back to KH1.

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I thought the trailer look really freaking good. That is coming from some that isn't even a big KH fan. It helps that I love Toy Story but the game is on my radar now without a doubt.

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I started playing these games back in April, a friend had given me KH1.5 as a birthday present but I left it on my backlog for years, till this year I decided to give it a spin. I am not a big JRPG fan but since the combat is not turn based then I slowly learned to love it. Beat 1 and CoM (after nearly rage quitting on each game at some of the boss fights) and I recently beat 358/2 Days and then watched the remastered cinematics. And what did my friend give me for this year's birthday gift? KH2.5!

Very excited with the new trailer. I will possibly be able to beat all the games (bought Re: Coded so I can play everything) in time for 3. Loving the Toy Story setting and how the graphics look.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Finished my first playthru of KH 1 and 2 just a few weeks ago, about to start up Chain soon. This series is absolutely amazing so far. My fiance and I are loving the nostalgic vibes, the Final Fantasy melodrama, and the Disney charm.




@zerotheclown Nice just remeber when playing Chain to give it a chance and not just give up at the begining it starts off slow but once you find a good playstyle it becomes really fun

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